Global Probe Links Online “Suicide Kits” to Canadian Murder

Although the parents are far apart, they feel the same pain over their children’s suicides.

David Parfett and David Ramirez have similar stories of grief. They are both fathers of young adults, who according to them were talented, and loving but also susceptible to mental health issues over the past few years.

Tom Parfett, who died in England in 2021, and Noelle Ramirez in Colorado in 2022.

Parfett smiled while admiring a picture of his son.

Ramirez found it difficult to remember his daughter, without breaking down.

The two died after they consumed a toxic amount of sodium nitrite. This salt is used to preserve meat in small amounts.

Police in Ontario have arrested Kenneth Law and charged him with 14 counts of second-degree murder. The 14 counts of counseling and assisting in suicide were already on his record.

The police have confirmed that Law is in custody and will appear in court on December 19.

Matthew Gourlay stated that Law would plead not guilty to the new charges. The charges come on top of those he faces already for assisting in suicide.

All of the 14 new charges against Law relate to alleged victims in Ontario. Police say their investigation is still ongoing and they have not ruled out further charges in Canada or anywhere else.

“We work with law enforcement agencies around the world every day,” said Insp. Simon James, York Regional Police, spoke at a Tuesday press conference in Toronto.

James is leading a multijurisdictional investigation in Ontario. He said that the authorities are investigating reports that Law sent more than 1,200 toxic packages in 40 different countries to people who were self-harming.

Parfett claimed that he had suspected his son Tom for months, that he found the means to take his life online. After his son’s death, he claims to have conducted detective work to understand how he acquired the toxic substance.

Parfett, speaking to CNN from his London residence, said that the act “actually demonstrated how simple it was.”

Ramirez also said that he painstakingly followed his daughter’s steps to better understand the suicide.

It’s not possible to order a bomb online and have it delivered. Ramirez, in an interview with CNN from his Montrose Colorado office, said that the chemical is deadly.

Both men agree on the need for more research in their respective countries and elsewhere.

Canadian Police claim they are still collecting evidence, which is why the new charges of second-degree homicide against Law were brought. The alleged victims range in age from 16 to 36.

The British National Crime Agency (NCA) has identified 272 individuals who purchased products on websites related to Law in the past two years. This was up to April 2023.

“Subsequent investigations revealed that 89 individuals are tragically dead,” said the NCA. The NCA added, “In consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service, it has been decided to conduct an inquiry into potential criminal offenses committed in the UK.” “This operation has started.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), sodium nitrite is used to fix colors, treat metals, prevent cyanide poisoning, and preserve meat and fish. The substance is relatively unknown, but internet suicide forums are becoming more popular.

US legislators working on a bipartisan basis are trying to ban the sale of sodium nitrite concentration. Currently, the product is available in the US as well as other countries.

Tom Parfett studied philosophy at St. Andrew’s University. He died in October of 2021, aged 22. Tom’s dad remembers him as a sensitive and intelligent young man with strong friendships. Tom loved football, particularly Manchester United.

Noelle Ramirez was born on May 3, 2002, in Denver, Colorado. She was transgender and receiving therapy when she died, two months before her 21st birthday. While undergoing therapy, she attended college close to her parents’ house. Her father said that she was a “light of courage and liberation” who was “so open and friendly”. She built computers for her friends who couldn’t afford them.

Tom and Noelle share more than being Generation Z members. Both had experienced the turmoil that was Covid 19. They also faced the personal challenges, and pressures of today’s young people.

The investigation was slow, and Parfett believes that Law may not have been indicted if The Times’ independent investigation, conducted earlier this year in London, had not been done.

It was an act of violence that cost lives. Parfett stated that the police and authorities had a chance to stop this.

David Parfett says he is confident that Tom could have been saved had he not been encouraged to kill himself and given the opportunity.

In my opinion, how could my child be influenced to take his life? Parfett responded, “I do not believe that Tom did it of his own volition.”

Ramirez and his family share the same opinion. Ramirez thinks Noelle would be alive today if not for Law’s website. Law, he believes, even went as far as to teach Noelle how she could end her life.

Ramirez said, “I tracked the trail by following the packaging, receipts, and other items. ”

Ramirez said he believed with his “whole heart that my daughter would be here. She was a good person. We kept her safe. We couldn’t, I guess, we couldn’t keep you safe from everything. I believe in my heart that she would be here today. Without him.”