Busted: Sophisticated Hamas Terror Tunnel System Discovered

The international community has given Palestinians hundreds of billions in funding over the past two decades. What did they do with the money? They have built terror tunnels complexes to store Iranian weapons and horde aid.

The Hamas infrastructure before Israel’s arrival is one of the most tragic stories in geopolitics. Videos reveal a vast network spanning kilometers, complete with life-support systems and fully stocked command centers.

After watching this footage, the international community should be forever ashamed. Israel (and certain Americans) have warned for years that the money going into Gaza is being used to fund terrorism. What did the United Nations Do? Israel is condemned every time they want to respond.

Imagine how Gaza would be today if the Palestinians had not chosen a terrorist group as their rulers. The area could have been transformed into a tourist attraction with luxurious beach resorts, and modern architecture and enriched everyone living there. They were consumed by their desire for Jewish blood and spent all the money given to them on underground concrete monstrosities. These tunnels will be destroyed and Gazans will have wasted the largest humanitarian gift in history for nothing more than their destruction.

Are there any lessons to be learned? No, of course not. Recent polls show that the Palestinians are growing more supportive of Hamas, and their attacks on October 7. They will never be able to learn how to live in harmony because they only know antisemitism. The international community will repeat the same mistakes that they made. The same international community that enabled all this will do it again. Why? The international NGO scam would cease if there were no suffering or poverty. That’s what many involved are after.

Israel has made it this far and I believe they intend to finish the job. These latest tunnel discoveries are only going to strengthen their resolve, knowing what they’re up against.