From 1986 to 2008, I lived in New York City. From 1986 to 2008, I lived in New York City. Greenwich Village restaurants would display rainbow signs and gay people would host a month-long party. A parade would feature rainbows and unicorns. The parade suddenly became more full-length, with more semi-naked men on floats. It was then that everything fell apart.

Gay pride month was about equality and acceptance. However, a large part of the gay community had to “stick it at the man”, i.e. conservatives. What better way to accomplish that than to put oily, muscular men in G-strings on a parade float and make them pretend to have had sex with each other, hoping to shock conservatives?

“Take that, Bible thumpers!” Now, sweep up all of our glitter!”

The Gay Pride parade in New York City is not a bastion of conservatism. Other gay people and children were the only ones who saw these gyrating, sparkly men. This is where things get uncomfortable: young children were seeing naked men performing almost-real sex. Parents had to be vigilant about the Pride parade.

This was when “gay pride”, became “gay sex in your face” month.

Is gay pride just about sex? Burger King believes so.

Meet the Pride Whopper. A burger can be ordered with either two “top” or two “bottom” buns.

Here’s the definition of a top (GRAPHIC WARNING), for those who don’t know gay jargon. I am not going to explain what a “bottom” means.

It is obvious that there weren’t any gay people involved in this shameful, brown-nostriled attempt at selling burgers. Bottoms look for tops, and vice versa. A frustrating way to end a relationship is to have two bottoms. Two tops can lead to sex fights.

This tweet was taken from the official New York City Pride account.

Every gay person I have ever met looks like a normal person. We all shop in the same shops and wear similar clothes. The Pride advertisement below makes it appear that all gay people are human unicorns.

Here’s a disturbing tale about a young boy, nearly naked, dancing in a Pride parade in 2015. Don’t be a homophobe if you don’t like the idea that adults cheer on a naked boy in a feather boa.

My fiance is 100% Puerto Rican, Trump-loving, and gun-toting bisexual woman. Because her sexuality is not her defining characteristic, she doesn’t have any “pride plans.”


These are some gay men, naked and bare-chested, in Berlin. Is that gay pride?

A television series featuring young gay boys dressed up as women is the best way to express “gay pride”. It’s no accident that Discovery Plus plans to release “Generation Drag”, a television show featuring young gay men dressed as women. It is difficult to understand how this is “gay Pride” and not grooming.

It seems like there is a new crew on the LGBT cruise ship. The trans people would be that crew.

Gay Pride Month was a celebration of gay pride. The new plan seems to be about bringing kids into the LGBT lifestyle.

It’s great to see that some people understand the LGBT movement.