AOC Accuses People Of Creating Drama Over The Word Latinx

Alexandria Ocaso Cortez (D.N.Y.), said people were creating “drama” over Latinx, which Hispanics reject overwhelmingly.

Ocasio Cortez uploaded a video to Instagram saying, “I want to have a note on gender inclusion Spanish language.” “Some people love to make a lot of drama around the Latinx term. ”

She explained that Latinx was an old term used by people to try to be inclusive long before it was invented. She also said that there was no need to debate which inclusive term she should use.

Ocasio Cortez said that “Gender, language and gender are fluid” and pointed out that people use “Latine” to spell “Latine” sometimes in an effort to be “as inclusive as possible”. ”

A New York lawyer told her followers that drama doesn’t have to be created.

But Latinos have rejected all attempts to be inclusive. According to a 2021 poll, only 2% of Latino voters prefer the term. Only 8% preferred “something else”.

It is concerning for Democrats who insist on using this term. The poll showed that 40% said that “Latinx” bothers them and 30% said that they wouldn’t support a politician who used it.

The Miami Herald editorial responding in the poll stated that Latinx was supposed to be inclusive.

Ocasio Cortez’s comments also come at a time when Hispanic voters are shifting away from Democrats in recent decades.

NPR Marist’s poll found that 52% would vote for a Republican candidate in the November midterms.

Wayne Hamilton was Project Red Texas’s director at the time. He stated to Fox News Digital that Democrats have begun to accept the Hispanic vote to be a given.