Gang Members Disguised as Migrants Enter Open U.S. Border

Biden’s southern border is open, allowing criminal gangs to enter a country that has a high crime rate. An immigration lawyer exposed the criminals and said, “They are going to attack Americans at some point.”

Juan Mendoza Diaz is a contributor at Noticias en la Frontera. He posted exclusive content on Nov. 13 revealing that the immigration lawyer who revealed the gang’s entry received death threats for his trouble. The warning regarding criminals entering America from the south comes after a report stating that Islamic terrorists could be using the border crises as a means to enter America.

Diaz stated that border crises had consistently worsened during the tenure of Joe Biden. Diaz also noted that border crises continued to worsen under Biden.

Vazquez told Diaz that the “majority” of migrants (mostly Venezuelans) with whom he recently dealt, “don’t have asylum claims”. They will say that they are supporting a certain candidate when pressed. They will say that they are not eligible for asylum. You know it was difficult in our country.

The worst thing is that there are “a lot of criminals” who have blended into our country and are released. They are not here to request asylum, and they will not show up for their court dates. Vazquez stated that “the majority of them are here to carry on their criminal lives.” He said that he’s seen it since the Biden administration took over.

Vazquez stated that individuals who were suspicious under Biden are just “inspected” prior to being sent to the U.S. Vazquez claims that many of these migrants have been involved in crimes that are committed by locals.

Vazquez made a shocking statement: “Venezuela, to my mind, is safer right now than the U.S.” Biden’s border crisis is drawing criminals from Venezuela to America.

Vazquez is a U.S. citizen and feels a “duty” to protect America, especially if Homeland Security doesn’t. Vazquez said these criminals should be exposed. According to reports, illegal migrants have committed over 430,000 criminal offenses in Texas since 2011.

Diaz highlighted how the Biden administration expanded “temporary status” to many Venezuelan migrants, while also looking at deporting other migrants. DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stated that migrants who entered after a certain date do not require protection. Vazquez replied, “You’ve already made it clear that there is a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. ”

Vazquez said that he saw how the Migrant Protection Program (MPP) of the Trump Administration worked. Vazquez, who worked at the border under the Migrant Protection Program of the Trump Administration (MPP), said he witnessed how “that program” worked.

Vazquez shares photos and videos of criminals from Venezuela that he has identified on social media. Vazquez warns criminals, “I have information that you are here”, and posts pictures of himself with socialist Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. Vazquez says that they were sent to Venezuela for dirty work, not protection.

Vazquez stated that since exposing the criminal/regime agent who lives in Atlanta, he received threats that he would target the man as well as the criminal organization Tren de Aragua. Vazquez also said that Tren de Aragua is working with Maduro. They have “a strike” against the immigration attorney.

Therefore, Vazquez has purchased firearms and learned how to protect himself, but he told Díaz, “I’m not scared. I know what I got myself into … I don’t want to die, I have a family, and I have, you know, kids to take care of. [But] the public needs to know that we have to take this into our own hands,” exposing online the criminals Biden has allowed into America.

Vazquez did hand over information to DHS and some even to the FBI, but the federal government seems uninterested in taking action (chasing those dangerous MAGA extremists instead, no doubt). He urged Americans “as a community” to come together and make “a plan” because “they are going to attack at some point … all roads lead to that conclusion.” He acknowledged that orders on these bad policies come from the top but urged ICE and Border Patrol agents to do what they can to close the border against people “coming to do harm” to Americans.