Biden Official’s Terrible Response to CNN Telling Him the Economy Sucks

Now I’m not sure. I used to be fairly certain that the Biden campaign would eventually realize that calling this economy “Bidenomics,” would backfire horribly. Are these people able to understand the struggles of the average American, who has to deal with high gas and food prices as well as inflationary increases on almost everything? CNN interviewed Biden supporters in Georgia and asked “Are You Happy With Your Vote for Joe Biden?”

One voter replied hesitantly, “Mmmmm… I didn’t really see anything change.” “Right Now, I work three jobs to pay more for things. My house, for example, is more expensive …”

CNN’s Victor Blackwell aired this voter’s frustration on air and asked Biden’s campaign communications director Michael Tyler for a response.

Blackwell started by saying, “The President said that nobody should be forced to work two jobs in order to avoid poverty.” “This woman is working three jobs. How many people need to have two jobs to make ends meet? According to the Labor Department’s third-quarter numbers, 8.4 million Americans are currently working two jobs. This is the highest number in 2019. When people look for economic change, they don’t feel it. You say what to that woman?

Tyler’s toneless response was a complete travesty.

He then blamed the GOP, claiming that Joe Biden is solely responsible for the state of the economy. “It’s important that the president wants to do all this, but we need to be honest with ourselves about the brick walls of MAGA extremism we keep running into when trying to accomplish things for the American people.”

Why didn’t Joe Biden do all of this? He had majorities for two years in both the House and Senate. He spent more than a year claiming full ownership and credit for the economy by promoting “Bidenomics”. How can they say for years “This is Biden’s economy,” and then when they see that Americans are suffering, just blame the GOP?

It doesn’t really work like that.

Biden’s “Bidenomics,” the brand he used to promote his campaign, was a huge mistake. If his staffers thought that blaming Republicans for the economic situation would work, they are in for a rude awakening.