Gaming Giant’s Wokeness Backfires: Major Site Issues Apology for Missteps with ‘Stellar Blade’

Funny thing about wokeness: it’s a lot more emotional than logical or factual. This can be frustrating and lead to terrible results. However, the woke person may also feel embarrassed.

It happened at IGN recently, a leading gaming news website, when one of their French writers decided to go on the offensive first, and never ask any questions.

What made Ben Ossola, the writer, so angry?

Eve is a pretty character in a video game.

The South Korean game studio “Shift Up”, is releasing “Stellar Blade”, a high-action hack-and-slash that has the Western world excited for its release. Only leftist journalists are upset that the female protagonist of the game is shown to be attractive and sexy.

Ossola is an IGN writer from France who went on a rant out of place about Eve being “bland” and “sexualized by someone that has never seen a woman.”

Here is where it all went wrong. Eve’s design is based on a South Korean actress named Shin Jae -Eun. She was hired to be the model for this project, as I explained in a video.

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It gets better.

Jiyun Chae is the wife of Eve’s creator. She is a concept artist at ShiftUp and worked on Eve’s design.

According to Bounding into Comics, Ossoa initially blamed the public for misinterpreting the meaning of his work due to bad translations. But when French speakers pointed out that he was lying about his initial intent, Ossola rewrote his words and wrote a condescending apology for it.

Osolla changed their insulting description to “A doll that has been sexualized by a person who has never met a woman” and then added a condescending disclaimer in English saying “This sentence has slightly been edited for French-speaking people who pretend not to understand what was meant to say, and the English-speaking mob that Google Translated our initial text.”

The incident only added fuel to the fire. IGN France soon removed Ossola from the byline, updated the disclaimer, and stated that the article had been edited because of the “death threat” that IGN and Ossola did not provide.

The main office of IGN got involved. It apologized for Shift Up’s writer’s insult and retracted Ossola’s statement that Eve was a sexualized toy. The apology has been placed in a box of bright blue at the top.

IGN France published recently a preview for Stellar Blade that contained an offensive passage that should not have been included. Now that the text has been edited, here is our apology to Shift Up Corporation’s studio staff.

Please note that IGN France, an independent branch of IGN, had no involvement in this incident.

The original text for the Stellar Blade Preview contained inappropriate comments. We regret that, while it was never intended to insult Shift Up, its employees, or work in any way we did not mean it literally.

We are sorry to anyone at Shift Up Corporation who was personally offended and targeted by this passage.

The apology from Shift Up was nice but it still holds that the comments made by the audience were misunderstood. It still feels to the readers like a shrug.

This bit should not have been written, no matter what. It’s not fair to be upset by a character that is drawn to appear feminine and sexy. Men can enjoy the sight of a beautiful woman. It’s bizarre and unseemly that Western leftists are so angry and vitriolous about this game.

The PS5 version of “Stellar Blade”, due to be released on April 26, will feature a new official launch date. You can download the demo for free from the PlayStation Store.