Dems Divided: Pro-Israel Democrat PAC Takes Aim at ‘Squad’ in Primaries

Pro-Israel Democrats have entered the political arena to achieve a strategic goal: to remove two prominent members of the far-left “Squad”. The Democratic Majority for Israel PAC endorsed George Latimer in New York against Rep. Jamaal Bush, and Wesley Bell in Missouri in the ongoing struggle for influence in the Democratic Party, amid factions emerging due to the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

The decision to back challengers against “Squad’ members is a result of controversial remarks made by Representatives, including Bowman who called reports of Israeli women raped and abused by Hamas terrorists as “propaganda” and Bush who accused Israel of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and war crimes.

Bowman stated in a TikTok video:

At the beginning of the siege, propaganda was used. It’s not true that women or babies were raped or beheaded. They still use that lie for propaganda.

Bowman tried to retract his statement after more evidence was revealed of sexual assaults committed against women during Hamas’ attack on Israel.

I am always against all forms of sexual violence and for peace.

Bowman received criticism for supporting a mural of Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan who called Jews “the synagogue of Satan”, “termites” and other derogatory terms. Bowman insisted that the mural be kept in New York despite Farrakhan’s antisemitic remarks.

Bowman was also implicated and criminally prosecuted for pulling the fire alarm at Congress. This act, which was caught on camera, led to Bowman’s censure in 2023 by House Republicans.

In a post made on October 29, just weeks after Hamas’ October 7 massacre, Bush said that the Hamas group was responsible for the killing of Israeli civilians.

We can’t stay silent about Israel’s ethnic cleansing campaign. Babies, dead. Pregnant women, dead. Elderly, dead. Generations of families are dead.

She also criticized a vote by both parties to censure Rashida Tlaib for her anti-Israel remarks.

The Democratic Majority for Israel PAC, the latest group to take on “Squad”, is targeting members for their controversial comments about Israel. This is a growing movement to combat anti-Israel sentiments in the Democratic Party. The super PAC has joined the Jewish Democratic Council of America in supporting the candidates of Representatives Bowman, Bush, and the other members of the “Squad”. JDCA (also known as “Jewish Dems”) made headlines for the first time last week when they endorsed challengers to House Democrats.

Bowman and Bush both appear to be vulnerable in this election cycle. According to a Wednesday poll, Bowman trails his opponent by 17 points. Latimer holds a 52 to 35 percent advantage over Bowman.

In a February poll, Bush’s chances of winning re-election were even worse. Remington Research showed Bush to be 22 points behind Bell, who had 50 percent of the vote. Bush was only at 28 percent. Bush has to deal with her legal problems, too. The Department of Justice revealed that she is under investigation over the alleged misuse of funds paid by the government to her husband under the pretense of “security services”.

The PAC has the financial resources to have an impact. According to the Federal Election Commission documents, the PAC can spend over $3 million in these elections.