Fox News Bluntly Expresses Biden Criticism While PBS Echoes Left-Wing Narratives

Over the years, Fox News and conservatives have developed a unique relationship. Many conservatives considered Fox News to be “their” channel for a long period of time because of the network’s fair-minded coverage of news and its right-leaning hosts. The network has been pushed to the side of mainstream media in many instances, and the firing (by Fox News) of Tucker Carlson is what finally broke the back of conservatives who were once viewers.

Fox News showed a split-screen of former President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday evening, while he was delivering remarks at the White House regarding the Juneteenth holiday. The chyron appeared on the screen shortly before 9 pm EDT the chyron on the screen said the quiet part about Biden out loud.

Fox News played only the audio of Trump’s remarks, but their brutally honest chyron said, “Wannabe dictator spoke at White House after his political rival was arrested.”

Do you have any ice to help with that burn?

Compare Fox News’ coverage with PBS’ message. The network NewsHour, which is supposed to represent the “public,” ran a chyron during its coverage of Trump’s remarks. It read: “CONTEXT – Experts warn that inflammatory language from politicians or those in power may lead to violent acts.”

(Please excuse the language used in the tweet below)

Seriously, PBS? Who are your “experts” and where is their proof? Did you use a chyron similar to this one during Biden’s “dark Brandon speech” last September? Did your “experts’ weigh in on the inflammatory rhetoric of people like Maxine Wassers and Nancy Pelosi?”

PBS acknowledges that federal funding only provides about 15% of revenue to the public television system. State and local governments contribute another 15%. But 30% public funding is enough to make PBS more accountable to the people, rather than sounding as if it caters to only the extreme left. PBS, when you take it all into consideration, is simply MSNBC without the commercials.

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