Fiery Exchange: Schiff Defends Putin Interview to Tucker, Faces Backlash and Ratio

We reported that Tucker Carlson released a video explaining his decision to interview Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin.

In truth, he should not have to explain. He is a journalist and journalists do interviews. It’s part and parcel of his job. You don’t interview people just because you agree. You interview bad people sometimes to educate people.

The liberal media and those on the left blew up, which was kind of funny.

It’s also a good sign when liberal media flinch. Carlson is attacked by the liberal media, not because they support a journalist. They do so because Carlson questions the Democratic narratives they usually endorse. The media does not seem to be bothered by Lester Holt’s interview with Iran Ambassador on “NBC News Nightly News”, which aired Tuesday evening. Holt interviewed the Iranian President in the fall of 2023. They have no problem with other journalists who interviewed Putin.

For decades, people on the left have been linked to Russia/Soviet Union. It’s because the left is trying to link the right with Russia, and not only deny reality but also deny the entire history of Russia/Soviet Union Communist influences, that it is ridiculous. For a long time, leftists have served as “useful idiots”, allowing Communists to influence foreign countries.

It was hilarious when Adam Schiff, the rep. from California who is a scumbag, used that exact word to attack Carlson.

To me, it sounds like an attack against a free media.

Schiff’s falsehoods that he had proof of Russia collusion were criticized by Congress. Schiff never presented this evidence. In the censure resolution, it was stated that he had “purposefully deceived [his Committee], Congress, and the American public.” He should have crawled off into the sunset, never to return to Congress again. He should have apologized to the American public the whole way. He is still running for Senate because he doesn’t have any shame.

He was slammed with a massive ratio. People also blasted him for his many falsehoods. For example, he claimed that the laptop of Hunter Biden was a Russian operation.

He’s especially mad at Tucker for this reason.

No comment on the meeting from Schiff?

Schiff was willing to accept nudes from Russians he believed were being offered by Trump.