Biden’s Bold Move: Pinning Three Years of Border Chaos on Republicans for Stalled Border Security Bill

Joe Biden has pledged to make the rejection of the Senate Republicans’ so-called “border” security bill the centerpiece of his presidential campaign in 2024, blaming them for the three years of chaos and mass illegal immigration on America’s Southern Border.

The American people will know every day, between now and the end of November, that Donald Trump and his MAGA Republican allies are the only ones responsible for the lack of security at the border.

According to AP, Biden’s re-election campaign views this as a present.

Biden was on the verge of success, but it all went wrong. The president is now trying to salvage a deal that was scrapped when Donald Trump, the Republican presidential frontrunner, got involved. Biden wants to show that former President Obama and his Republican allies in Congress who support “Make America Great Again”, aren’t interested in finding solutions.

Between: There’s a story about a president who is willing to anger the activist class of his party in an election year, rare hope for progress bipartisan on one of America’s third rails, and a sudden collapse that Trump publicly orchestrated, which Biden’s staff now views as a gift.

This is an absurd interpretation of the facts. The White House has never had any contact with the GOP House caucus. The bill that was released on Sunday never had a chance of passing.

The majority of Senate Republicans and House Republicans would never vote to legalize an immigration level that Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson called a crisis.

Most controversial was a provision that gave the president authority to “close” the border if illegal crossings reached 5,000 per day for a full week. This was a ridiculous idea. It was an outrageous idea. The Senate border negotiators proposed to make that level, 4,000 a day, well within the range of an acceptable flow of illegal crossers.

This strategy might have worked 10 years ago when mainstream media controlled virtually all the news. Four years ago, the federal government and Facebook worked together to shut down inconvenient news. It is less likely to work today.

The data from Border Patrol shows the exact date when illegal immigration surged across the US-Mexico Border. The only thing that connected it to Trump was the fact that he wasn’t in the White House anymore and the open border advocates Biden brought to government after he became president dismantled much of our border security.

The video may be presented playfully, but the strategy will likely look very similar to that of Biden’s campaign. This video is worth watching.

We can, however, see how Biden is going to try and hide the truth.

Biden, by pulling back even more than he did in the past three years and doing less to defend the country, can increase the crime and chaos brought on by mass illegal immigration. White House media, which has consistently denied that a problem existed during Biden’s mis-administration, will now turn the spotlight onto the issue and pretend that it was only created after the McConnell/Schumer bill for amnesty was rejected.

It’s impossible to predict what will happen this year.