Federal Government Reminds Arizonans Why We Hate It

My entire life I lived closer to the Mexican border than most Americans who make immigration laws in the United States. The majority of my time here was spent in Arizona. That is why I chose to lead with that because I wanted my perspective cred.

As you might expect, there are no new border problems in Grand Canyon State. In the 1970s, I lived just 12 blocks from Mexico’s border and it was very dicey.

I live now 60 miles from the border, and this distance has not diminished the possibility of possible problems.

Arizona is more affected by a porous border than California and Texas. Baja California Sur is the only border California has to manage. Texas has the Rio Grande which can slow things down a little.

Arizona’s interstate highway was built by the United States government. It connects to I-40 and provides cartels with a route for drug distribution as well as human trafficking.

Thanks, federal government!

We’re still anti-federal yahoos, despite the temporary, but noticeable, blue tint to this state. Although the Sinaloa Cartel scandal has not yet reached Illinois and California, it is likely that it will soon.

It will.

Although I don’t like the federal government, it would be nice if it did at least fulfill its task. Maybe secure the southern border.

It won’t do that, and when it doesn’t, the state of Arizona takes umbrage.

After the Obama administration made clear that it wanted Mexico’s border open and would not provide much security, Governor Jan Brewer signed Arizona SB1070 into law in 2010. The state was given the task of performing the duties that the feds had asked it to do by SB 1070.

Now, fast forward to 2022. The border wall the feds were supposed to build but never finished is the result. Team Biden isn’t happy with the plan that our governor proposed to reduce federal failure. Lincoln has more to offer:

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey declared that his state had more than enough in August. Ducey began a project to fill the gaps at the border with shipping containers after the Biden administration ignored or mischaracterized the issue. Fox News reports that the initial effort consisted of a 60-foot wall consisting of two shipping crates stacked on top and closed with four feet of razor wire.

The administration sued Arizona for the DIY border wall on Wednesday, days before Title 42 expires. The federal government claims the section of the wall “damages federal lands, threatens the safety and impedes the ability of federal agencies and officials, federal law enforcement personnel to perform their official duties.” Some activists have complained about the possible effects on the environment, as well as the possibility of illegal immigrants being stopped by the wall. This is a fundamental function of a wall. Let’s not confuse the discussion with logic.

In years past I would have felt at ease knowing that Team Biden would be shown where it could sue my home state.

Unfortunately, we are about to be handed over to insane commies for a time.

For a brief moment, I hope.

More than any other state, this one has been a problem for the federal system. Arizona was the last state from the continent to join the Union.

Daylight Savings Time is not something we do.

We have killed the Equal Rights Amendment.

The national speed limit of 55 MPH was the speed limit when I first started stand-up. It was extremely slow, especially when driving in the Southwest. It was held in place by the feds who threatened to withhold funding interstate if any state increased its speed limit.

Arizona said, “Hold my beer.”

This list could go on. Although I won’t get into gun stuff, trust me, no jackboot wants “to collect” weapons from the citizens. We are the most gun-free nation in the country. All five guns are owned by my Democratic friends.

Although it may seem blue from the top, I don’t believe the lefties have taken the soul out of my hometown. Goldwater’s state is full of contrarians. We get annoyed when the feds get involved.

Let’s all hope that this helps.