Fauci Dismisses New Vaccine Study, Continues Pushing His Own Selective Science

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci can’t seem to stop giving bad advice. During a recent interview on NBC’s “Today,” Dr. Fauci warned everyone that sooner or later they will need a booster shot to ensure the “durability” of protection in COVID-19 vaccines. If it’s not lockdowns, mask mandates, or vaccine passports, it’s the propaganda for a booster shot. It never ends for the radical left.

Host Craig Melvin asked Fauci whether it is “inevitable” that everyone will need a booster shot.

“Well, I think the important thing to point out is, is the differences between the immune-compromised who really never really got a good response to begin with. So for them, it’s more of getting them up to what they hopefully had gotten the first time around, but we know because of the immune compromise they don’t,” Fauci said.

The immunocompromised currently make up about 2.7% of the U.S adult population, but about 44% of the hospitalized COVID-19 breakthrough cases. Those eligible for booster shots would include solid organ transplant recipients, patients with advanced or untreated HIV infection, those taking high-dose corticosteroids, and those undergoing cancer treatments.

Fauci said it was different than the durability of response, which means taking a healthy individual and continue them to follow through. He said if their level of protection goes below a “certain level,” then they will have a plan ready to get the boost. He noted that it is a “dynamic process” that could be changed at any time due to the ongoing evaluation of data and the Biden Administration.

Fauci has forgotten to mention that no vaccine has an indefinite amount of protection. A person can get all of the booster shots in the world and still get COVID-19. It’s similar to the flu, where you can either get a shot or not. Fauci is trying to give the impression that everyone will be required to get a booster shot and additional doses of their COVID-19 vaccinations each year.

Fauci’s ‘selective science’ revealed itself earlier in the week when he also dismissed a study from The Mayo Clinic and biotech company nfrence. The study suggested that the Moderna vaccine was more effective than the Pfizer one against the COVID-19 delta variant. Fauci disagreed with the study and told CBS’s “Face the Nation” that it was a pre-print study and hadn’t been fully peer-reviewed. The booster shots would utilize either a Pfizer or Moderna dose on moderate-to-severe immunocompromised individuals.

“I don’t doubt what they’re seeing, but there are a lot of confounding variables in there, about when one was started, the relative amount of people in that cohort who were delta vs alpha – right now, if we get boosters … it’s clear we want to make sure we get people, if possible, to get the boost from the original vaccine,” Fauci said.

The study found that the Pfizer vaccine was only 42% effective against the infection while the Moderna vaccine remains 76% effective. The data was based on information gathered on more than 25,000 Minnesotans from January to July. The effectiveness of vaccines against the virus was as “effective as advertised” around 90% of the time and dipped around June. This is around the same time period that people began contracting COVID’s Delta Variant.

Does anyone believe anything Dr. Fauci says anymore? He’s certified to say whatever makes him the most money and forgets the rest, even if it’s a scientific study. He’ll discredit studies that change the narrative or show the ineffectiveness of vaccines. If it’s not a conspiracy theory or misinformation, then it’s only a “pre-print study.”