Environmental Activists Heckle Pete Buttigieg Off Stage

Buttigieg’s tenure as Transportation Secretary in Biden’s Cabinet was so disastrous that it has all but killed any chance of him being a presidential candidate one day. His decision to take paternity leaves during the supply chain crisis, his call for bridges and highways to be racially discriminatory, and his frequent trips to the United States have only brought him negative attention. Then there is the Southwest Airlines disaster, the FAA’s

Now he has another embarrassing incident to add to his record. He was interrupted by a group of wacky environmentalists who called him “Petro Pete”, and accused him of failing to do enough to fight climate change.

One of the activists shouted, “Your DOT has just approved the Seaport Oil Terminal. This project will produce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 80 coal plants and will worsen the air quality in areas where there are already cancer clusters.”

Buttigieg was unable to read from a script and had to admit, “I don’t like to speak off-the-cuff.”

The protestors brag about their efforts on social media by posting highly edited videos of the encounter.

“We don’t have money or formal decision-making power, but we can have a real influence on the government by destroying reputations,” said the group in a lengthy thread on X/Twitter.”

The group explained that their goal is to “make climate a top-3 issue in American politics” and that “the fastest way to do so is through disruptive action. “