Biden Will Play President Sunday On ’60 Minutes’

Even a casual observer can see that a weak, muddled, far-left President of the United States is the cause of Russia’s decision to escalate its aggression against Ukraine and Hamas’s horrendous attack on Israel. Anyone who is honest will admit that the world is in dire need of less violence.

However, the obedient Democrat lapdogs of Mainstream Media do not see it that way. They insist, along with his puppeteers, on putting this mentally deficient old fool before cameras to engage in some make-believe.


CBS News President Wendy McMahon announced at the Axios BFD Conference that President Biden would be interviewed by CBS “60 Minutes”, as part of a Sunday edition that will focus on the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Biden’s public statements following the attacks in Israel last weekend have been adamant in their support of Israel and condemnation of Hamas. With Americans being held hostage and Israel launching a fierce response, it is one of the toughest crises in Biden’s tenure as president.

I would argue that Biden’s backing for Israel was more superficial than substantive, but media hackers have to continue hacking. Because they’re used to fabricating a fictional Biden to support him, it is likely that they believe their own nonsense. They also believe the American public will buy into their false narratives.

Who is going to tell them what?

In the modern media age, it is not unusual for the president of the United States to go on camera in order to project his strength and calm the nervous citizens in times of turmoil. These are not realistic goals while President LOLEightyonemillion occupies the Oval Office.

Biden’s health was bad when he took office in 2021. He was able to be propped up by his handlers with just enough Adderall or epinephrine for a short, scripted speech. This isn’t even working anymore.

As we have all witnessed, his mental and physical decline has become more apparent with every public appearance. It’s impossible to predict what he will say during a live appearance. Biden’s people will provide the questions to “60 Minutes”, but if he doesn’t have the teleprompter in front of him, the interview may be off track from the start.

When the United States is led by a weak leader, bad things are more likely to happen. Joe Biden, not only is weak but also slow-witted. He’s being treated by people who think they are smart because they compare themselves to him. Our enemies are aware that the president has a weak character. It is not necessary to confirm this by having Biden appear on TV and babble like an alcoholic who is 30 seconds from falling off his barstool.

Biden should avoid any public appearances. In his brief, teleprompter-assisted speech in response to the Hamas attack, he did okay, but still sounded as if they had just been drug out of a sensory deprivation room and shot him with stimulants that hadn’t yet taken effect. It’s likely that the fact that he had to wait four days to deliver the speech shows that they are taking longer and longer to prepare him for even tightly controlled appearances.

It is absolutely unacceptable to have the worst U.S. president ever on TV to comment on a situation that he created.

Let the man nap

Not during a live televised broadcast.