Elon Musk Gives NPR the Vapors Again

You might find “NPR” included in the definition of “thin skinned.”

Twitter’s Elon Musk re-evaluated the designation after complaints from the BBC and CBC in the UK and Canada.

But nobody reacted quite like NPR did. As I wrote at the time NPR decided to pout over Twitter’s decision, “the sotto-voce radio network decided to pout, to take its ball and go home.”

NPR wrote an article at the time about its decision to avoid Twitter, stomp on its feet and fold its arms. We all know this because nothing says “serious news outlet” more than a network putting itself in the spotlight. (Paging Jim Acosta.)

Musk has been mulling over the idea of giving NPR’s @NPR handle to someone else, as NPR still complains and does not use it. You know — “Nice twitter account you aren’t using there.” It would be a shame to give it to someone who won’t use it.

NPR, as if by synchronicity, has published another article about its own hysteria over the possibility of someone else using @NPR instead.

Bobby Allyn of NPR reports that Musk, in a series emails, said he was transferring the main Twitter account for the network, @NPR, to another person or organization. The idea stunned even those who have been familiar with Musk’s spontaneous and erratic leadership.

Allyn, in a somber tone, even noted that Musk’s actions may have precedent. He writes that “giving established accounts to a third party poses a serious impersonation risk and could threaten a company’s brand.”

Allyn quoted emails that Musk sent to him.

Musk replied in an email: “Our policy is that we recycle handles which are dormant.” All accounts are subject to the same policy. “No special treatment for NPR”

Allyn must have been hurt by another email.

Musk added a fire and laughing emojis to his post, describing the fictional broadcaster’s content. What’s up with NPR being tagged as government funded? ‘”

The note at the bottom of the article clarifies “Under NPR’s protocol for reporting about itself, neither a corporate official nor a news executive reviewed this piece before it was publicly posted” (emphasis added in the original).

This is important. NPR has “a protocol for reporting on themselves.” While Musk might be trolling a little with some meanness, NPR made itself look ridiculous from the start by pouting as a three-year old. Musk does provide NPR with high-quality material.