Drivers Are Demanding Answers From Virginia Officials During I-95 Winter Storm Traffic Disaster

Joseph Catalano could not have imagined that he would travel only 31 miles on Interstate-95 in twelve hours. This was part of their post-Christmas trip to Disney World. After being stuck on Interstate-95 for hours after a Monday snowstorm, the father of two from New Jersey claims he drove to Orlando instead of booking flights.

After reaching Maryland Tuesday afternoon, he said to Fox News Digital that he was allowed to “go right into the mess.” “And once that mess was created, there was no going back.”

Catalano was on his way with his wife and their two children aged 7 and 10. He was only six hours away from his northern New Jersey home last night when the situation rapidly deteriorated.

“We stopped at hotels and there were people lying on the floor shoulder-to-shoulder.” “I was going to go into there and ask ‘can you get a chair and go in a conference hall?'” Catalano said Fox News Digital. He described one scene he witnessed near Quantico, Va.

Catalano said that he had once covered 31 miles in just 12 hours on a stretch I-95. Catalano now calls the whole state of Virginia a “complete failure.” “I don’t know where the management is coming from. Catalano stated that he doesn’t understand how management is not ready for such a situation. It wasn’t just black. My son said, “dad, this would be amazing. I could ice skate on it.”

“This morning, the only way to get by was via the tracks of regular cars. You still didn’t see plows. He continued, “There are only six, eight, and ten inches of snow between the lanes. Not even touched.”

“I have contacted Governor, he finally came out this AM and said that he has shelters open. After fleeing the chaos of travel, Catalano stated that it was a day late and that he had a dollar to spare. Some people report that they are still stuck Tuesday afternoon.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), which is currently working to reopen large portions of I-95, has warned travelers that they should “expect congestion along major roads” as of Tuesday afternoon. It tweeted that “Work continues to remove handicapped vehicles & tractor-trailers from the travel lanes.” Drivers who claim to have been struck by the agency are critiquing it.

“How about clearing the way for people to return home safely? The worse the situation gets, the more you mess it up. We have been stuck for 14 hours now, counting. Fortunately, we still have gas and water. One user responded to VDOT Fredericksburg’s tweet asking for motorists to dial 911 in an emergency. “Tax dollars at the office! Another user complained that 18 hours of counting was not enough to get sb I95.

A meteorologist from NBC News also accused Virginia officials of not having done enough before. “Forecast was accurate 12 hours before it began. Bill Karins stated that I-95 in Virginia should have been closed if it doesn’t have the plow/salt capability to handle 8-14 inches of snow.

The Virginia Department of Transportation, and the Office of Governor. Fox News has repeatedly asked Ralph Northam for comment but has not received a response.

Google Maps continues to provide real-time updates that show traffic-related problems on roads, starting at I-95 in Ruther Glen – just North of Richmond – and ending at exits at the Pentagon.