Dramatic Bodycam Footage of Lakewood Church Shooting Released: ‘Father God, Just Be with Us’

Houston Police releases bodycam footage of Lakewood Church shooting. The body camera footage captured the moment that officers at Lakewood Church heard gunshots and then moved to an active shooter situation.

Houston Police reported that Genesse Ivonne Moreno, a mother with a young son, walked into a mega-church and opened fire.

Houston Police Department released on Monday body-camera footage of their response to an active gunman who opened fire in Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church at the beginning of this month.

Genesse Ivonne, originally from El Salvador began to shoot a gun in the megachurch at 1:53 pm on February 11. She was shot and killed on the spot by police officers who were off duty.

Moreno was also carrying her son, aged 7, who had been shot in the brain and is still fighting for his life.

The Houston Police Department posted a video on social media that captured the gunfire in the western hallways of the church until the shooter fell.

The Houston Police Department released surveillance footage that shows the moment a shooter fired inside Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church.

We understand that the video may be disturbing to some members of the local community. HPD released it by our commitment to release videos of critical incidents within 30 days,” Houston Police Department chief Troy Finner stated on social media.

The department released four videos that show different aspects of the incident. These include surveillance footage, body camera footage, and footage from three police officers.

In one video a group, including officials from law enforcement, is standing around and talking when gunshots can be heard coming down the hall.

The group starts walking in the direction of the gunshot as soon as it is heard.

The Houston Police Department released body camera footage showing the different aspects of a shooting that occurred on February 11, 2024, at Lakewood Church.

When more shots were fired, the officer with the camera started running in the same direction as the first shot. People began to run the other way.

The officer, with several people under cover, pulled out his gun and started walking towards the shooter even though Moreno wasn’t in sight.

As she and the others moved towards the shooter, they whispered and hid behind whatever object was available.

“Come on. We need to get closer,” whispers one officer to the other. “Father God, be with us. Please forgive us our sins. Come on!”

They move closer to the boy, who is lying nearly dead on the ground.

In another video from a bodycam, the officer can be seen hiding behind a brick wall and peeking around when the shooter begins to fire.

Later, Moreno was heard saying “You killed my child.” Stand down. I have a bomb. “I have a f —–g Bomb.”

Escalante Moreno Mugshots Genesse Ivonne Moreno used several male and feminine aliases including Jeffrey Escalante Moreno. She had also been arrested six times since 2005.

During the time between her statements, Moreno fired her gun.

She said, “I just need help.” She said, “I just need some help.”

The gun goes off a couple more times.

There’s a bomb inside this bag. She yelled “Stop shooting”, though the officers shouted at her to put down the weapon. “I won’t. “The bomb will go off.”

When the officer who has the camera sees that the shooter is on the ground, he fires more gunshots before returning with the other officers.

The video surveillance system in the church captured the moment that the shooter began firing, and people scrambled quickly to escape. The video shows the moment Moreno was knocked to the floor by gunfire.

Finner stated that the investigation is still ongoing. “We will work with local, state, and Federal law enforcement partners to examine this incident in depth from all angles. Priority is given to our partnership with religious organizations. We will continue improving safety to ensure that everyone can gather safely and fearlessly.”