Biden, Joined by Seth Meyers, Hopes for Gaza Ceasefire by Weekend’s End During Ice Cream Outing

Seth Meyers is watching as President Joe Biden, in 2024, eats Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, on Monday, February 26, in New York.

Israel and Hamas are currently in negotiations for a ceasefire lasting a week to allow the release of hostages held in Gaza

Biden stated Monday that a ceasefire is near between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip and hoped it would materialize “by the end of the weekend.”

The president made the seemingly innocuous comments that had a huge geopolitical impact during a stop at an Ice Cream Parlor near the Peacock Network headquarters. He was just finishing up an interview on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

When asked by a reporter, Biden said that he thought the ceasefire would begin by “the weekend’s end.”

“At the very least, my national security advisor tells me we’re getting close.” We’re close. Biden stated that the work was not yet done. “I hope that by Monday next week, we will have a ceasefire.”

Biden spoke also about his planned visit to the southern border on Thursday, where he will be meeting with border agents and discussing the need for bipartisan legislative reform.

Biden jokingly joked about “my friend” making a stop at the border, an apparent nod towards his GOP rival, ex-President Trump, who will be traveling to that border.

Biden’s trip comes in the wake of the murder of Augusta University Student Laken Riley, who was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant on the University of Georgia Campus in Athens. Her murder has re-invigorated the calls for Biden’s more stringent border measures.

Photos of Laken and Jose Ibarra, and a photo of the UGA crime scene. Jose Ibarra is a University of Georgia murder suspect who lived less than five minutes away from the scene where he allegedly killed 22-year-old nursing student Laken. Riley on February 22.

The Van Leeuwen stop came after an interview with Meyers where dozens of pro-Palestinian protestors were arrested in the lobby.

Negotiations have begun for a cease-fire lasting a week between Israel and Hamas. This will allow the release of the hostages held by the terrorist group backed by Iran in Gaza in exchange for Israel’s release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners. A six-week ceasefire would allow hundreds of trucks to bring desperately needed aid daily into Gaza.

Negotiators are facing an unofficial deadline around the 10th of March, the beginning of the Muslim holy months of Ramadan. This is a time when tensions between Israel and Palestine can be high.