Does Biden Know Who Brought Cocaine To The White House?

Since a bag of cocaine was found in the White House, it has been more than a month. No arrests were made and we are expected to believe that the Secret Service as well as the FBI cannot identify the culprit.

According to sources in White House security, it is believed that the bag of cocaine found at the White House belongs to someone who is “in the Biden family orbit”, and Joe Biden personally knows this individual.

Susan Katz Keating of Soldier of Fortune magazine was told by three sources that the Secret Service had told Joe Biden who the person was who brought cocaine into the White House in the last month. The magazine received the same information from all three sources. Keating said that the sources were “working for a U.S. Government agency and aren’t authorized to speak with the media.”

Many people have speculated that Hunter Biden is responsible for the cocaine. Hunter Biden, because of his drug-abuse history and the fact only those connected to the First Family would be able to bypass the security checkpoints in order to get the drugs into the building, was the obvious suspect. According to sources, Hunter Biden did not have any direct involvement with the cocaine.

One source said, “It wasn’t Hunter, but it was someone from the Biden family.”

The Secret Service ended its investigation last month, citing a lack of evidence. However, this explanation made no sense. Secret Service veteran Dan Bongino said that was likely not true. “So there’s probably less than 200 people who could have left this cocaine, by the way, in a bag which is plastic, which is non-porous, meaning it’s probably not that hard to pull a latent print. They’ve got to know who did it. The question is, who’s pressuring them to not find out who did it? And it’s gotta be coming from this White House. This is terrible. Don’t destroy this agency like the FBI. It’s really unbecoming,” Bongino said last month. “A lot of my former colleagues at the Secret Service who retired, they are absolutely furious about this. Oh yeah, yeah, I can tell you, I got 50 emails, communications, and texts from people. ‘This is embarrassing, humiliating.’ These are good guys, man, guys who worked for Obama and Bush, non-partisan guys, most of them aren’t even political. This is embarrassing. They know exactly who it was.”

Three sources revealing the name to Keating would indicate that the culprit’s identity will be revealed in a short time. The White House has tried to hide the truth, even if it was not Hunter Biden. They are trying to protect someone who is either close to the first family or a member of the family.