Southwest Airlines Attorneys Must Attend Religious Liberty Training

A federal judge ordered that three Southwest Airlines attorneys attend a religious freedom training by the Alliance Defending Freedom. This conservative legal advocacy organization is known for its high-profile defense of conservative causes.

The left-wing judges are the only ones who can demand that right-wing fascists attend fake seminars and sensitivity training.

The Left jumped right on this accusation, saying that ADF was a “hate group” because the Southern Poverty Law Center has never made a mistake. Almost never.

The Left was outraged that Donald Trump had appointed the judge.

Southwest Airlines’ lawyers got what they deserved. District Judge Brantley Starr sanctioned attorneys who violated the rule against religious discrimination. Last year, a jury found that Southwest Airlines and Transport Union Workers discriminated against flight assistant Charlene Carter after she informed her union president of her pro-life beliefs.

After the decision, Judge Starr was not pleased with what happened to the Southwest Airlines lawyers.


Starr ordered Southwest after the ruling to reinstate Carter and take other corrective actions, such as requiring that the airline and the union “inform Southwest Flight attendants that they cannot discriminate Southwest Flightattendants because of their religious practices and beliefs, including but not limited, to those expressed on social networking sites and those regarding abortion. ”

Starr’s sanction order states that three Southwest attorneys sent a message to their employees saying the airline does not discriminate against employees because of their religious practices and beliefs.

According to the judge, Southwest had sent out a memo criticizing Carter’s conduct that led to her termination.

You cannot influence or win over people by breaking a federal judge’s order unless the judge is Donald Trump-appointed and you want to impress leftist hacks.

According to the judge, “The Court concludes that training on religious freedom for three Southwest attorneys who it finds responsible (Kerrie Minchey, Chris Maberry, and Kevin Fores) is the least restrictive method of complying with Court order. The Court deems that the Alliance Defending Freedom, which has previously provided this training, is appropriate.

ADF doesn’t have a formal training program for religious freedom but said that they would be happy to create one for Southwest Airlines. ADF choosing to train the flight attendant seems odd, considering Alliance Defending Freedom wasn’t even formally involved in the case.

This is likely to be a key factor in the decision of whether or not an appeal will be filed.

Southwest’s lawyers urged the court to not order training on fillings that they had submitted before Monday’s decision. They claimed that requiring religious liberty classes was an “inappropriate” remedy for the alleged offense.

Southwest wrote: “Although Southwest claims that the Email Notice is in compliance with the entire judgment, Southwest has offered a correction by replacing the words ‘doesn’t discriminate’ may not discriminate. “To put it in another way, education based on religious liberty cannot correct any behavior. ”

Chris Geidner, who broke the first news of the sanctions, was curious about how religious liberty training had been added to the punishments.

It is unclear how ADF and religious-liberty education became involved in the case. ADF has no involvement in the case of Charlene Carter.

Carter’s attorneys did not ask for anything similar to the “religious freedom training” they requested when they filed their motion of sanctions in December 2022.

Starr didn’t announce his intention to include “religious freedom training” in his sanctions order until 16 May, when he submitted an order.

According to reports, Judge Starr included religious freedom training in the sanctions against Southwest attorneys. These sanctions were well-deserved, regardless of how they are upheld by an appeal court, given the arrogant disregard of the orders of the judge.