UCLA Activists Arrested Unmasked, Plead: “Don’t Let Us Down”

After the violence, the police decided to clear out the UCLA encampment.

Radicals had been warned by the police many times. The activists failed to stop the police when they finally broke into the camp. The police took people into custody and began dismantling all of the barriers and the encampment. As the police operation progressed, you could hear flash bangs.

The police also took down the Palestinian flag that the radicals were flying.

Twitchy, our friends in the media, reported that at least 132 arrests had been made by the CHP. Twitchy caught that some of the people arrested were also featured on Fox while the police unmasked them. You’ve probably seen them wearing COVID or keffiyeh masks to cover their faces at campus protests. This is to hide their identities, I believe, both to avoid punishment from the colleges and to conceal the fact that they’re not students. It’s also cultish; it makes everyone look like they are all working together as if they were in a black bloc. If someone breaks the law, it’s harder to determine who is doing what.

Fox captured the whole thing in stunning color.

Here, let the tears start. The consequences of their actions have now become clear. They were given ample warning but chose to ignore it.

Some people were unhappy when they unmasked them and put them on the bus.

This may be the best way to end the matter, as the alleged student said, “I am a student; I’m majoring in English” and then pleaded “Please don’t let us down! Don’t fail us!”

Perhaps if you hadn’t been involved in this action, it wouldn’t have happened. Just a thought. Somehow, I think that being an English major won’t get him a break here.

The tears they shed now that they have been arrested are different. It’s as if these people never imagined this would happen.

We’ll see what happens next. They certainly proved the old saying about playing around and finding things out.