Do I Seem Rattled?

President Trump was abruptly escorted away from the White House briefing room just a few minutes after taking the podium for a press briefing on Monday. Reporters and White House Correspondents were put on lockdown in the briefing room. 

Senior White House Correspondent, Christian Datoc, was tweeting during the lockdown as the Secret Service moved the President back into the West Wing. Camera crews and producers moved off Pebble Beach and there were reports of shots fired. 

Others were sharing videos on Twitter of a perimeter set outside the White House. The Secret Service was not allowing anyone past 18th and Pennsylvania and law enforcement swarmed the lawn. 

Shortly after, President Trump returned to the briefing room and told the reporters about what happened, and that there would be more details to come. He said it “seems” a person was shot by Secret Service and had been taken to the hospital. This took place outside the premises of the White House near the fence. 

The President then moved on to discussing other issues. A reporter asked if he was rattled by what happened. 

“Do I seem rattled?” President Trump said calmly, without any concern on his face. Former Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino, tweeted about the incident as well, including that in the twelve years in the Secret Service he had never seen that before. He said that Trump handled it like a pro and never let anyone see him sweat. 

In the meantime, CNN has put its own disgusting twist on the story. Politicizing the safety of the President of The United States is a disgrace, but totally in character for a liberal. It’s also an example of everything wrong with the left-leaning media platforms. 

They categorized the shooter outside the White House as unarmed. They claimed the Secret Service protects were not in danger and that there will be an internal review of the officer’s conduct.  Many comments of the article also accused the shooting of being a hoax.

Washington Post writer, Jennifer Rubin, even asked if it was “bunker inspection time,” mocking the entire situation. Bongino wrote in response: “This absolute zero, life loser, and coward would be the first one to change her diaper God forbid she was evacuated due to shots fired in her proximity. This woman is a disgrace, not only to the Washington Post, but to humankind.”

We shouldn’t be surprised that CNN, Washington Post, and countless others, are leaping to tell us how terrible President Trump is after a potentially dangerous incident unfolded outside. The threat was serious enough to interrupt a national press conference. The Secret Service isn’t naive enough to make an amateur decision like that. 

But hey, if this had happened to anyone else, it would’ve been a hate crime.