‘Different Rules for the Bidens?’ McCarthy Demands Answers After Cocaine Report

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reacted Thursday evening to the Secret Service report regarding the cocaine that was found in the White House on July 2. As we’ve written, the report amounted to not much more than a shrug, saying, “Yeah, sorry about that, we have no idea whose it was.”

The building was supposed to have been the safest one in the world.

McCarthy appeared on Fox News’ ‘The Story’ with Martha MacCallum, and was unimpressed. She could not comprehend how someone managed to sneak hard drugs into the People’s House.

I have to pass through security even if I have my own security.

He believes that it shows the Biden administration receiving special treatment from federal law enforcement.

The family of Biden Inc. is treated differently.


If drugs are not kept out of the country, what other things could happen to our security? Could someone be listening?

If they can’t tell us who sent this, what else is going on at the White House?

The conversations that we have in this building are even more alarming to me. In this building, the places are discussed and actual situations are decided.

McCarthy said that this was part of a larger pattern. McCarthy accused the Bidens of using their connections to get away with anything.

What was Biden Inc. doing when the Hunter Biden Laptop became public? They used the soon-to-be secretary of State as a pawn and asked intel personnel to sign a document telling the American public the laptop was a fake when it actually was true.

He was referring to Antony Blinken, who is now Secretary of State and was the foreign affairs adviser for the Biden campaign at the time. The letter, written by 51 active and retired intelligence officers, stated that the Hunter laptop from Hell had “classic signs of a Russian information operation.”

Only low-information liberals and lapdog media believed this explanation.

McCarthy said: “It shows that the Bidens receive a different treatment than any other American families.”

Hunter claimed that the Department of Justice had let him off because of his dubious foreign business deals and tax evasion schemes.

Bidens seem to always be the victims of this two-tiered system. Even the Department of Justice and our Intel Committee are used to deceive Americans.

What’s going on over there?

While the Bidens’ actions haven’t had as much of an impact as Republicans, conservatives, and readers might like, it seems like a tide is turning as an unending wave of evidence about corrupt practices continues crashing into Biden, Inc.

While it may not be possible to remove Old Joe from office before his term ends, his chances of a second term continue to decrease with each passing day.