Did Powerful People From Back East Try to Offer Kari Lake a Bribe to Leave Politics?

Kari Lake, who is well-known for her unsuccessful bid for Arizona governor’s office, claims that she was offered a bribe for quitting politics.

Lake spoke to an audience at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), this weekend, that she had been offered by “powerful people back East”, in hopes of leaving politics for good.

Lake explained to the CPAC crowd that someone showed up at mine this week. They called me previously and said, “I gotta speak to you in person,” this cannot be done over the telephone. “They knocked on my door and tried to bribe me into leaving politics. This actually happened. This is the disgusting nature of politics.

“They tried to bribe me with a job title with a high salary and a place on a board. Lake said, “This is how they do it.” “The person in front of me was sent by some powerful people from the East.” “They want me to get out of politics.”

Lake didn’t specify who approached her or what organization they represented.

Kari Lake is currently facing lawsuits regarding possible fraud in Arizona’s 2022 gubernatorial election.

Lake apparently isn’t going for the lure. Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA (TPUSA), Lake stated that she was considering a run for the Senate seat for Sen. Krysten Silena (I-Ariz.).

A straw poll at CPAC also had her in the first place as a vice presidential nominee. Donald Trump took first place for the GOP’s 2024 presidential candidate poll with 62% of the vote, dwarfing Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), who had about 20%.