Dems Continue to Call for Defunding the Police as Citizens Pay the Price

AOC was not included on the list.

Ocasio-Cortez was on The Daily Show, Monday. I suspect the show is trying to reach a weekly propaganda target. She had money and was not concerned about security. AOC decided to continue riding the tired old horse “Defunding The Police” once more.

Now we’re at a point where officers are earning more than teachers who have a masters degree in education, and are serving the same kids involved in these accidents. Defunding safety is a priority. We also defund our public schools, our public pools, our parks, [and] our libraries. By demanding that all departments be cut, except the militarized, we send a strong message.

We could eliminate crime if we had more libraries, parks, and pools. Most criminals prefer to browse the fiction section than prey on other people. After AOC leaves office, she may run for mayor of Chicago.

Waheed Foster, who was convicted of killing her grandmother, is one of the constituents of Congresswoman Pelosi. Elizabeth Gomes was dragged across the subway station platform by Foster, who also kicked her and beat her. Gomes suffered injuries that caused one of two of her eyes to be lost. “I can’t ask a teacher for help. If a man is running me down, I won’t be able to call a classroom teacher. Instead, I will call the police. ”

Gomes added that funding teachers and police officers was a top priority.

I believe that safety is best provided by police officers.

There are two questions that need to be answered. One is where the police were when the attack took place. The other is why someone with a mental illness who murdered his grandmother was out in public in the first place.