ABC News Accidently Admits AR-15s Aren’t as Dangerous as the Dems Pretend They Are

ABC News’ latest attack piece on Long Island GOP Rep. George Santos let slip a fact about the AR-15.

FACT-O-RAMA! The Lefty media has been too busy pointing to the lies in Santos’s resume, that they haven’t noticed how Gropey Biden has been lying, fabricating and prevaricating since he began his political career with John Adams.

ABC News published an article about protestors who showed up at Santos’s office to protest against the bill.

According to the ABC article, “Research has shown that an AR-15 style rifle was used to kill 226 people during mass shootings in 2012.”

According to my calculator, AR-15s have killed roughly 22.6 people a year or 1.8 per month in mass shootings.

One death is not enough.

Now, I have a question. Why do lefty jackpuddings regurgitate avocado toast over AR-15s if so few people die by them?

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Take a look at the ways that more Americans are killed every year by AR-15s than in mass shootings.

Lightning is responsible for 28 deaths a year.
Constipation is responsible for approximately 2,167 deaths in the United States each year.
In the United States, lawnmowers kill 951 people per year. Farm tractors and agricultural equipment also kill 4,193.
Every year, 45 people are killed by toasters.
Every day, 11 teenagers are killed while texting and driving.
Skateboarding is estimated to be the cause of death for 40 people every year.
Every year, roughly 10,206 people are strangled to death by mistake while sleeping.
According to the FBI, firearms of all kinds — including the terrifying AR-15 — have killed 215 Americans this year. Another 1,533 people were killed with knives and 651 by fists or feet.
In 2015, 505 people died from choking on food.
Bees, wasps and hornets kill an average of 62 Americans per year.

What have we learned?
If you want to reduce the number of unnecessary deaths, it’s better to give out prune juice rather than try to steal AR-15s. We Americans are 10 times more likely than Elvis to die on the toilet than from an AR-15 used in a mass shootout. It’s 50 times more likely that we will be beaten to our death. We are 1,000 times more likely than an AR-15 to die by accident strangulation, or by falling from our bed.

BONUS LEARNING: This information will not help you in your debate with your liberal sister-in law and her pink-haired boy-partner who is gender-uncertain. Facts are useless when it comes to the bolshies, who want us defenseless.

Why do the apparatchiks of the left want your A5-15 then? It’s for the same reason that you want to keep your A5-15 — it is the best weapon available to combat tyranny, whether it be foreign or domestic. We may find ourselves fighting both or either of these enemies, given the number of Chinese military-aged men who are crossing our southern border.

Let’s continue the conservative laughter. Watch this hilarious video from my friends at “Jokes and a Point” and remember that the libtards are out to steal your guns and sense of humor.