Dem Rep. Hank Johnson Claims U.S Has A Racist Senate

Rep. Hank Johnson (D.Ga. Hank Johnson (D.Ga.), said that the United States presided “in some respects over racist Senate”. Chip Roy (R-Texas), was also accused of encouraging white privilege to “white power” in protest

Johnson was referring to an earlier statement made by Chip Roy (Republican Representative). Johnson used the term “race-baiting”, to describe Democrat claims of voter suppression and the party’s efforts to push for federal election reform. This effort was stopped Wednesday night in Senate.

Johnson stated, “I’m just stunned by where we have fallen in our discourse on the commission,” after accusing Royof racism.

Roy addressed Johnson’s “white privilege”, and stated that Johnson had placed it on him. Roy explained that Johnson had raised his grandmother in West Texas with a single mother and a dirt floor. He also mentioned the hardships that his family faced during the Depression.

Roy said, “I would challenge my assertion of privilege’ and white supremacy.” ”

Rep. Roy stated that Democrats do not have any other choice than to use the race card following a year of terrorism, open borders, and appeasement of our enemies. On Fox News, he also spoke out. You accuse his grandson, a West Texas farmer who lost his farm during the Depression of having “white privilege”. You then return to race-bating. ”

Fox News reached Johnson’s office to get a comment, but he did not immediately respond.

In the last weeks, prominent Democrats called opposition to the federal election overhaul bill (and claims about voter suppression) “racist”.

President Biden connected Republicans with Democrats who disagreed with his voting rights platform to Democrat segregationists of the Past including Bull Connor, George Wallace and George Wallace.

Ariz. Ariz. To allow Democrats to pass the legislation, she opposed the suspension by the Senate filibuster.