Dem Rep Adam Smith’s Home Vandalized by Cease-Fire Activists

Adam Smith, a Washington State Democratic Rep., said his home had been vandalized.

Smith stated in a press release that his home in Bellevue Washington was vandalized Thursday night.

“Yesterday evening, people who advocated for a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza vandalized my home.” Smith said that the attack was a reflection of the coarsening political discourse in the United States. It was unwarranted and unnecessary and harms our political system.

“Throughout my career, my staff and I have met with groups of all political stripes, including Pro-Palestinian activists and left-wingers, and I am open to meeting these groups, discussing our differences, and how we can work together in a peaceful and productive way. We must engage in politics this way, and reject the increase in political violence we have seen in recent years.

Washington Democrat criticized the extremes on both sides of the political divide, saying that it must be addressed.

“The extremism on the right and left sides of our political spectrum are a threat to healthy, functioning democracies and have been tolerated for too long.” He said that the extremism of both sides was degrading for our political system. It must be eradicated if our democracy is to survive.

“The world has become more complex and filled with tough challenges, which require strong leaders. Smith said, “I am determined to take on these challenges. This act of vandalism only strengthened my resolve to stay in politics and ensure we can resolve our differences peacefully in a way that truly represents representative democracy.”

Smith is not the only member of Congress who has been targeted by vandals in relation to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

On November 27, anti-Israel activists vandalized the Hanford office of California Republican Rep. David Valadao.

My Hanford office was vandalized this morning by anti-Israel demonstrators. Violence and vandalism is never acceptable. I support peaceful protests, but violence will not be tolerated. Rep. Valadao wrote on X that harassment and intimidation are not acceptable in a democratic society.

The California Republican posted a picture of his office, which was covered with “Murdered By Israel” posters as well as fake blood.