Border Crisis Escalates: 2,800+ Illegals Enter Tucson Sector in a Single Day

The United States has been invaded. Over 2,800 illegal immigrants crossed the border into America from Tucson, Arizona in just one single day. Unfortunately, Joe Biden will be giving these law-breakers freebies on the taxpayer’s dime.

Tucson Border Sector, where I live, is the epicenter of Biden’s border crisis. Illegals are pouring into my area, including criminals, child smugglers, and terrorists. Illegal immigration is a problem in Arizona and has been for many years. But it has gotten exponentially worse since Joe Biden took office. As of 2023, the cost of illegal immigration to taxpayers was $150.7 billion.

NewsNation correspondent Ali Bradley tweeted on Twitter/X Nov. 28: “AZ: the Tucson sector saw over 2800 people in a single day. The influx is prompting CBP agents to pull from all areas, including the nearby port of entry.

Bradley also included a clip of an endless stream of illegal immigrants (many if they are not all young men), and concluded, “The people that I spoke to are from Guinea and Senegal and are moving to places such as Chicago, Texas, and Virginia. They tell me that they saw the chance and took it.”

As I mentioned above, there are unknown numbers of dangerous threats among illegal aliens who enter our country. Border Patrol arrested 15,267 criminals illegals during Fiscal Year 2023 compared to 12,028 in Fiscal Year 2020 and 2,438 under Trump. Too many criminals evade Border Patrol, settle in America, and poison our communities. Since 2011, illegal aliens in Texas have committed more than 430,000 criminal crimes.

Not only that, but criminal gang members pretending to be migrants are entering the U.S. And according to one immigration lawyer exposing the criminals, Rolando Vazquez, the gang members “are going to attack [Americans] at some point.”

There’s also the unavoidable but disturbing fact that terrorist cells are operating in the U.S. and that terrorists are entering our southern border. A recent internal memo from the federal government warned of an increased number of Islamic terrorists who may be trying to enter our country through the southern border. In FY2023, Border Patrol encountered 172 illegals on terror watch lists. CBP also flagged 75,000 illegal aliens in the United States as possible national security threats this fiscal year because of potential terrorist connections.

The criminals are entering America at Tucson, but they’re traveling all around the country, thanks to Joe Biden.