Danger—Government Digital Currency

The media and President Joe Biden are excited by a new thing: Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). It’s like Bitcoin but controlled by the federal governments.

Not everyone loves the game.

Florida Governor: “Sometimes, government acts in a way that appears to be good but is really a wolf dressed as swan.” Ron DeSantis is featured in my latest video. “This is a Wolf coming as a Wolf.”

DeSantis has been refusing to do an interview for months. The government’s digital currency plan was what finally convinced him.

DeSantis: “If you do not trust the central authority, then you need to see that this is a very serious problem.”

Many people trust the central authority. The Biden administration claims that a CBDC “will protect consumers, investors…and the environment.”

DeSantis laughs: “That’s a dead giveaway. They would impose an ideology, certain criteria… “You’re filling your tank too much with gas.” Wait a minute — climate change. You can’t do that! You purchased another firearm? No, no, no. ‘”

The Canadian government used its banking system as a way to control protesters who were against vaccine regulations. The government blocked the truckers’ bank accounts. The protests were stopped.

DeSantis was so angry about Biden and the Feds’ plan to create a CBDC that he got Florida’s state legislature to ban it.

I ask “This is a national problem.” Why should it be the governor’s business?

He responds, citing the federalism. There’s a back-and-forth between the federal and state governments. “We’re pushing back on things we don’t think are good.”

DeSantis challenges the legality of the CBDC. The Federal Reserve said that it would only take action after consulting with the executive and legislative branches. We’d like to get specific authorization from Congress. You don’t need Congress. “That’s what the Constitution demands!”

Of course, the media is enthusiastic about a government-controlled CBDC.

CNBC claims that it will “be as trusted as cash and as convenient as payment apps, but also benefit from the blockchain technology that underpins cryptocurrency.”

DeSantis says that when he began to discuss the dangers of privacy, “the corporate media… said all of a suddenly: ‘DeSantis was trying to promote conspiracies! MSNBC called it a “unhinged conspiracy theory.”

DeSantis questions why the media cares at all. He asks, “Is that because they’re really so invested in trans-border transactions?” “Of Course Not.” This is because it could help them advance the ideology that they want to have more central authority over average Americans.”

The Wall Street Journal claims that America’s outdated financial system will be modernized by CBDCs.

DeSantis laughs. “They want to go to a cashless system, which basically means that the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department will have supervision over all your transactions.”

DeSantis adds, “Cash is freedom.” You have cash in your wallet… it’s not dependant on someone else.

Cash is private. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are also private. You can buy guns and gas without having to use government money.

The government digital currency advocates don’t like it.

Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts, said that “legitimate digital public money can help to drive out bogus private digital money.”

DeSantis replies: “She would reject any digital asset not controlled by central authorities.”

DeSantis says the federal government wants to “displace all cryptocurrency, because they can’t regulate that.” He told me “the risks so outweigh any potential benefits.”

DeSantis then spoke with me about many things including sex education, what critics refer to as the “Don’t Say Gay law”, Florida’s anti mask mandates, America’s financial crisis, and his flight of migrants from Massachusetts.