Country Music Star Morgan Wallen Accomplishes Something No One’s Ever Done Before

Morgan Wallen is a country music star. His fans love him or hate him. With the release of One Thing at a Time his new album, Wallen’s devotion has been made public. Wallen broke a record by having all 36 tracks on his album debut at the top of Billboard 200 album charts.

It is worth noting that Drake was the previous record holder and had 27 songs appear on the Hot 100 at once in 2018, while Taylor Swift had 26 in 2021. The Fab Four managed only 14 songs on the Hot 100 in 1964, despite Beatlemania’s peak. This record lasted a very long time.

Here are the Hot 100 placements of Wallen’s songs (Thanks to Outkick, who compiles the list so I didn’t have to),:

No. 1, “Last Night”
No. No. 7. “Thoughts You Should Know”
No. 8, “You Proof”
No. No. 9. “Thinkin’ Bout me”
No. No.
No. No. 11. “Ain’t That Some?”
No. No. 14. “Everything I Love”
No. No. 15. “Man Made a Bar” (feat. Eric Church). Eric Church
No. No. 18.
No. 27, “’98 Braves”
No. 29, “Devil Don’t Know”
No. 30, “Sunrise”
No. No. 32, “Born With a Beer in My Hand.”
No. 35, “Whiskey Friends”
No. 38, “Tennessee Numbers”
No. 40, “Cowgirls” (feat. ERNEST)
No. 41, “Hope That’s True”
No. 43, “Dying Man”
No. 44, “Keith Whitley”
No. 47, “In the Bible”, (feat. HARDY)
No. 48, “Neon Star (Country Boy Lullaby)”
No. No. 51, “Me + all Your Reasons”
No. 52, “I Deserve A Drink”
No. 53, “F150-50”
No. 54, “Tennessee Fan”
No. 56, “Single than She Was”
No. 59, “Wine Into Water”
No. No.
No. 63, “180 (Lifestyle)”
No. No. 65, “Last Drive Down Main”.
No. No.
No. No.
No. No. 72, “Money On Me”.
No. 75, “Had It”
No. 76, “Outlook”
No. No.

Six songs had already climbed the charts before the album dropped. Two of those songs, last year’s Easter single “Don’t Think Jesus,” re-entered charts this week. This means that 28 songs made it to the Hot 100 this week.

Wallen’s remarkable achievement has not been highlighted by Billboard as of writing. However, two articles on the magazine’s site highlighted that he currently has 30 titles on Top Streaming Songs and that he landed his Hot 100 number one with “Last Night.” This is the first single by a solo male that has topped both the Hot 100 (almost to the weekly) and the Hot Country Songs charts simultaneously since 1981 by Eddie Rabbitt’s “I Love a Rainy Night”, which was 12 years prior to the Wallen’s birth.

Country music had a great week, with 13 country songs topping the Hot 100 according to my count (15 if Taylor Swift is included, which I don’t). This means that only half of the Hot 100 are country songs, which is remarkable considering that this chart is dominated by hip-hop.

Wallen’s chart record continues to be a testament to his ability overcome cancel culture. Wallen was filmed using the n word by TMZ in 2021. This led to streaming services and radio stations dropping Wallen.

Wallen offered multiple apologies that appeared sincere. He also asked his fans to not defend him. Wallen also made donations to charities that help black musicians. Wallen’s fans reacted by purchasing his music in large numbers, and it was difficult for the music industry not to face the backlash. He has enjoyed incredible success. One Thing at a Time was the latest example.

Wallen’s ability to transcend cancel culture is something worth celebrating. His chart record might even last a lifetime.