‘Cop City’ Protestors Face RICO Charges

Recently, there’s been much talk about Georgia’s Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), mainly due to Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis using it as a tool to prosecute Donald Trump and other 18 people. Willis tried to link multiple crimes to the state’s RICO law because it is more expansive than its federal counterpart.

RICO can be used by prosecutors for real crimes, not just left-wing political persecution. Georgia’s Attorney-General Chris Carr has used the statute to indict over 60 people for domestic terrorism over the proposed public safety center that the city of Atlanta is planning to build.

WSB Radio reports that “Court officials confirmed that 61 individuals have been indicted for racketeering in a case related to protests held at the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the Georgia Attorney General’s Office is prosecuting the sweeping indictment handed down last Tuesday in Fulton County Court. “Fulton clerk Che Alexander said that a copy should be available today.”

Since 2021, protests have been held against the training center that left-wing activists call “Cop City”. These “protesters”, to use mainstream media’s anodyne word, have ostensibly expressed their displeasure about the environmental concerns despite the site serving as a prison for years.

In January, a group of terrorists who had ties with both Antifa (a radical anti-fascist organization) and Stacey Abrams attacked law enforcement officers who were clearing out squatters from the site. A thug shot at a trooper of the state, and police responded by shooting him dead.

Antifa groups have organized several destructive “days” of action to make their voices known. The thugs who terrorize Atlanta are mostly children of privilege. They are not from Georgia and they are almost all from the area around the site.

Terrorists damaged construction equipment at one rally. A second protest in midtown Atlanta resulted in vandalism and the destruction of an Atlanta police vehicle. A popular park near the site of the training center was booby-trapped by individuals. The state also accused some fundraisers of money laundering.

Residents of the surrounding area support the idea that police and first responders receive the training needed to perform their jobs more effectively. The proposed facility will include a driver’s training course, housing, and training for trainees at the police and fire academy, as well as K-9 training. The facility is expected to have a huge impact on the entire community.

The Atlanta City Council heard 15 hours worth of comments from the community before voting to fund the project. The project received such overwhelming support that the Atlanta City Council voted to fund it by nearly a three-to-1 margin.

Carr has now brought these charges against 5 dozen domestic terrorists. Georgia won’t tolerate outsiders causing havoc in the state. Hopefully, the prosecution by the attorney general of these goons is successful.