Alex Murdaugh Seeks New Trial, Claims Jury Tampering

In a motion filed on Tuesday in Columbia, South Carolina, Alex Murdaugh’s lawyers asked for a new trial. In the motion, it is alleged that a clerk of the court manipulated jurors in order to get a book deal.

Rebecca Hill is the Colleton County court clerk who wrote “Behind the Doors of Justice: Murdaugh Murders,” which was released in bookstores on August 1st.

Hill encouraged jurors to “reach a quick verdict” and “had frequent conversations with the foreperson” in an attempt to influence them toward a guilty decision.

In the filing, it is stated that “Ms. Hill did these acts in order to secure for herself a book deal and media appearance which would be impossible if there was an unjust verdict.” “Ms. Hill lied to the public about her job in exchange for money and fame. ”

Allegations were made in a motion citing “newly discovered evidence”, including interviews with two jurors.

Murdaugh received two consecutive life sentences for the murders of his wife Maggie Murdaugh (52) and son Paul Murdaugh (20) in June 2021.

The explosive new filing accuses Hill, a public official, of warning jurors to not be fooled before Murdaugh gave his testimony and “misrepresenting critical and material information to the Judge” to dismiss a jury she believed was sympathetic to the defense.

Hill told the panel that they should “watch [Murdaugh] closely” and to “look at his actions”, suggesting Murdaugh had lied.

Hill’s book contains a description of this incident.

The lawyers for the defense said that the position never existed, and provided an affidavit from the woman’s ex-husband to prove it.

On March 2, after a six-week trial, it took the jury less than three minutes to convict Murdaugh on all charges. There were no questions asked by the panel.

According to the complaint, Hill forced jurors to make a decision quickly by telling them “This shouldn’t take us long.”

Hill allegedly told six smokers they could not take a break before the deliberations had been completed. Hill traveled to New York City after the sentencing in order to appear on “Today”. It was Hill’s first flight.

The Defense team sent a request to the U.S. attorney for the District of South Carolina for a federal investigation of Hill’s alleged conduct.

They wrote that Murdaugh may very well be the victim he represents.

Hill is not immediately available to comment.

At a press conference outside the State Court of Appeals, Murdaugh’s attorneys provided more details about their accusations against Hill.

Griffin said the two jurors, who had refused to talk previously, came forward after Hill’s memoir was published, angered by how the clerk was “going on a book tour and making money” off the trial.

Murdaugh, a lawyer, was said to be stunned by the news. Griffin stated that he was shaken.

The motion was filed less than a week after Fox Nation broadcasted the documentary “The Fall of the House of Murdaugh” which featured an interview with the son of the disgraced Patriarch, Buster Murdaugh.

Buster stated that he didn’t think that the trial of his dad was fair. I spent six weeks studying it, and I believed it was tilted right from the beginning. I also believe that many jury members felt the same way before they began deliberating.

The state claimed at trial that Murdaugh murdered his wife and son on June 20, 2021, in their hunting estate called Moselle. This was an act of desperate self-preservation.

The once-powerful scion of a Lowcountry legal dynasty was soon exposed after allegedly defrauding both his law firm and clients more than nine million dollars.

His former chief financial officer confronted him on the day of the murders over unpaid fees. A wrongful death lawsuit arising from a fatal boat accident in 2019 was also slated for hearing.

Paul crashed the father’s boat into a bridge, killing Mallory Beach (19) and injuring four other friends. Murdaugh was facing a multimillion-dollar claim that could reveal financial misfeasance.

Murdaugh admitted to the jury that he had stolen money to feed his addiction to opioids. However, he said he would not kill his wife or son.

At the conclusion of the press conference on Tuesday, a reporter asked Harpootlian if Hill had a job. Harpootlian replied “No comment.”