Controversy Arises as TX Gov. Greg Abbott Refers to Shooting Victims as Illegal

The terrible incident that took place over the weekend in San Jacinto County, Texas moves further into the week, as law enforcement continues to be on high alert as they continue their search for the suspect who killed five people.

KHOU-TV reports.

Sheriff Greg Capers said a manhunt was underway to find a gunman who is accused of killing five individuals, including an eight-year-old child, in a San Jacinto County home.

It began as a harassing call made to the sheriff’s office at around 11:30 pm on Friday, from a house in the Trails End subdivision. Capers stated that it was a harassment call that lead to a shooting.

My colleague previously covered the incident.

San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Department, Texas officers responded to a complaint of “harassment” in rural Cleveland, TX on Friday night. When they arrived they found three women and a man shot to death. A boy aged eight was taken to hospital and declared dead. The 39-year-old neighbor was identified as the shooter. The police suspect that the shootings were triggered by complaints from the victim’s house, who claimed the shooter was firing his AR-15-style sporting rifle randomly into their yard.

The Leftist narrative about gun control was a typical example of this. Francisco Oropesa used an AR-15 rifle to kill his victims. The fact that five people were killed made it a “mass shooting”, and the women who had been shot used their bodies as shields for six children was a fact that groups such as Everytown For Gun Safety or Newtown Action Alliance salivated over. Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, who was reported by Nick Arama on Saturday, brought up new facts that put a completely different spin on what the story was trying to portray.

Bill Melugin of Fox reports that he was deported five times from 2009 to 2016, but he keeps returning.

It’s fascinating how a debate about gun control can be transformed into one on border control, or the lack thereof, by inserting new evidence that contradicts the narrative. The usual suspects, with the exception of California’s idiot Governor Gavin Newsom and soon-to-be-defunct Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot, have been silent ever since Melugin revealed the inconvenient fact.

On Sunday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a press release announcing that a reward would be offered for Oropesa’s capture for the murder of five “illegal migrants.”

Open borders anger grew. They are victims and children of God, not illegals! Greg Abbott is a liar. Imagine Greta Thunberg giving a UN speech.

Houston Chronicle, a newspaper dominated by the ultra-Leftists, also took issue with the Governor.

Five people who lost their lives in a senseless act of violence became illegal immigrants with just one tweet. In the official statement that accompanied the tweet, the governor included a scripted message of condolence: “Our hearts go to the families and friends of the five victims who were killed in this senseless violence.” But there were no words of sympathy for Wilson Garcia, a father who lost both his wife and his son and who was trying to remain strong for his remaining children, but whose tears at a Sunday Vigil could be heard over the choir singing “Amazing Grace.”

It shouldn’t be difficult to convey sympathy.

Do not speak the truth because it is hurtful, especially to our narrative.

Carlos Eduardo Espina, a community activist, spoke to the husband of Diana Velazquez Alvarado (21 years old), one of the victims. He wanted everyone to know his wife was legal and provided a photo of her green card as proof.

Who would do this when they are grieving? The curious mind wants to know.

Just spoke with the husband of one victim. He confirmed that his wife is a permanent US resident. He sent me a photo of her passport to confirm this. Greg Abbott probably thinks that anyone from another country qualifies as an “illegal [sic] immigration”. Shameful.

The Left finally had a convenient talking point with which to bludgeon and kill us. The word “illegal”, which fueled a lot of op/eds, was seized upon by more leftist journalists.

George Takei, aka “Oh My”, said that Hollywood has a tendency to stick its nose in places it shouldn’t.

Takei doesn’t live in California, a state with strict gun laws that ranks high in the country for mass shootings. Laguna Woods Monterey Park and Half-Moon Bay are all interested in hearing from you. Now, Go. Sit. Down.

From the MSNBC coffee klatch with Morning Joe Scarborough, to Capitol Hill, where Senator Chris Murphy and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-CT), expressed their outrage at Abbott’s dehumanizing of the victims and his “anti-immigrant hatred.”

It’s all over a small gaffe, in the middle of a flood of information. The Left finally had a narrative that they could use, one which didn’t require someone to drive home the “root cause,” as Border Czar Vice President Kamala Harris loved to say. Biden’s policies of open borders created an atmosphere where a criminal alien could cross the border, be deported 5 times, and then kill innocent people at the last stopover. This inconvenient choice of words by Gov. Abbott was the perfect solution.

So, now the Left can continue to ignore the Biden Border Crisis because Abbott is a racist jerk lacking in compassion. They can ignore the fact that an illegal alien and chronic border jumper manipulated Texas’ gun laws and gained access to firearms, then proceeded to murder his fellow (mostly) illegal aliens with an AR-15 over a complaint. Oh, and that murderer is still armed, dangerous, and on the loose, and could potentially kill anyone in his path. These are enough cold, hard facts that could drive the news cycle for months. Yet the response of the Left is their narrative, their rules, first and foremost.

Actual reality, truth, and reporting of facts on the ground? Not so much.