CNN Caught With Photoshopped Image of Joe Biden

In a special program, Fight for the White House: Joe Biden’s Long Journey, CNN highlighted the Democratic nominee’s career on screen. This included a popular photograph of Biden and one of his sons at an old sports stadium. The kid pictured is wearing a maroon hat but the image is entirely photoshopped.

In the original photograph, the kid is wearing a hat with the controversial former logo of the Washington Redskins NFL team. The logo was digitally removed in the image presented during the special program. CNN News turned around and put the blame on the Biden campaign when they were mocked over it. 

The Washington Redskins abandoned the logo and name in July after years of controversy and criticism from the radical left who found the name to be racist. They are now simply known as the Washington football team. CNN got a lot of backlash over the photoshopped image.

“This is a terrible look, @CNN Removing the Redskins logo from what is an otherwise great picture of Biden and his son is exactly the kind of thing they’d go after Fox News for doing if it was about Trump,” said Josh Jordan. 

John R. Lott, the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, asked when CNN would be registering as a campaign organization since they love to airbrush out inconvenient history so that no one will remember it. 

Others noted that Biden had posted the original image with a Father’s Day post on Facebook in June. 

“As with any biographical documentary, we ask the subject for photos and videos. We received this picture and many others from the Biden campaign, and any additional inquiries should be sent their way. Future airings will include the original photo,” said a CNN source. 

It’s interesting how CNN noted they would include the original photo in future airings, but did not apologize for the incident. They knew they were presenting tampered evidence to the audience and didn’t bat an eye. This is the epitome of fake news.

A Biden campaign spokesperson noted that the photograph sent to CNN was doctored to remove the Redskins logo over copyright concerns. They explained that this was a common practice by political campaigns. If you ask me, this feels like the old USSR or 1984 with some top-notch manipulative media. 

The cancel culture won’t stop until erasure is complete. The altering of historic photographs is journalistic malpractice, in my opinion, but it’s CNN. What did you expect?