Climatologist Kamala Harris Explains How Weather and Climate Interact

We listen when Kamala Harris speaks. We listen to Kamala Harris’s talks, not because she has anything new or interesting to share, but because the cringe is too gloomy to ignore. The noted climatologist-meteorologist on Friday explained the interaction between weather and climate to weary Californians.

According to the Los Angeles Times report, Harris was joined by state and local leaders at a Los Angeles County location that recently upgraded to increase groundwater storage. They praised ongoing efforts to improve drought resilience across California and other states. Harris’s visit was after weeks of severe storms that battered California, resulting in flooding and death, as well as extensive damage. (Reason no. 7,594 reasons why I don’t live in California.

Harris was able to use the above background to make incisive [sarc]. Let the laughter flow, silly hand gestures for emphasis, and the whole thing. Your vice president, ladies, and gentlemen

Water policy is a key issue in addressing the many issues associated with the climate crisis. Diversifying water policy is what we mean. We must be able to diversify our approach as well as our resources. Everything that we do to conserve, recycle, desalinize, and provide water.

This facility and this plant are doing the best and most modern work to store water. They also understand that California’s climate crisis is exactly what we have experienced.

This is even more hilarious. It gets even more hilarious when I say “more funny”, which is utter gibberish.

We will have days, sometimes days, of torrential rains, storms, and flooding. But, we also live in a state that has endured droughts for generations.

We must also understand that the issues that are involved in the climate crisis can be varied. It requires us to be present for each iteration and variation that includes extreme weather that causes drought and extreme weather which produces lots of water.

Did you get it? You don’t, and I don’t either.

Of course, what I get is that I have gotten tired of deconstructing the climate loons claims one at a time, which was tedious at best, and a total waste of my time at worst. Like it is with religion, abortion, and other third-rail topics, no one can change the mind of anyone about “the existential danger to mankind.”

Harris mentioned “climate crisis” three more times in her comments above, but correctly described “extreme conditions” as the result of excessive rains and flooding, and draughts as well. How do you debate alarmists like Harris? It’s not possible. You don’t.

As I reported in July Americans are in record numbers pulling the plug on climate hysteria. John Kerry, Al Gore, and Joe Biden continue to push for windmills that don’t exist.