Climate Protestors: The New Buzzkills

Around the world, there is a disturbing trend: climate change protesting idiots interrupt sporting events, desecrate priceless artworks, clog up roads, and make life less enjoyable.

Take a look at these recent examples, courtesy of Just Stop Oil (JSO), a radical organization that is fighting climate change.

Two JSO climate protestors poured “environmentally-friendly” orange confetti on the court at Wimbledon in early July this year. They then were attacked by security. The childish temper tantrum stopped play, disrupted match flow, and led to both of them being charged with criminal damage and trespass.

@talktv WATCH: The moment play was disrupted on Court 18 for a SECOND time after another Just Stop Oil protester threw confetti on to the grass during British number one Katie Boulter’s first-round match. #wimbledon #wimbledon2023 #juststopoil #protest #disruption #katieboulter #protesters #tennis #sport #london #tennisplayer #tennistiktok ♬ original sound – TalkTV

A JSO duo entered London’s National Gallery in October last year and hurled a few open tomato soup cans at Vincent van Gogh’s masterpiece Sunflowers. The two then proceeded by gluing their hands on the wall beneath the painting while shouting “What’s more valuable, art or life?”

The group also stated that “the cost of fuel crisis is a part of the cost living crisis. Fuel is unaffordable for millions of hungry, cold families.” “They can’t afford to heat even a tin soup.”

These two protest that the UK government is responsible for the high level of inflation in the country due to the soaring cost of energy (because it has foolishly refused to use fossil fuels, without a backup supply), and blame oil. They don’t realize that increasing oil production will lower energy prices, which in turn, will fuel (no pun meant) a decrease in the cost of goods across the economy. This, of course, would raise the standard of living of all Britons.

In July, JSO demonstrators who were performing a “slow walk” protest to draw attention to themselves accidentally caused a pregnant woman to crash her vehicle in central London. JSO responded to the incident by saying, “Disruption can be difficult, but necessary.”

JSO’s preferred tactic is to clog up traffic on crowded roads. They do this throughout Europe and usually in a coordinated manner in multiple locations at the same time.

Imagine how selfish, reckless, and irresponsible JSO’s behavior is in creating traffic jams. Ambulances are unable to transport patients quickly, which could result in the loss of lives. This will slow down police response time. This is also a big problem for drivers who are just trying to get to their destination.

The straw that broke my back was when, today, at the 151st British Open in Liverpool, four JSO protestors smashed the 17th hole of the Royal Liverpool Golf Course, stoking a smoke flake and throwing orange powder across the green.

The lunatics were quickly defeated by security with the help of Billy Horschel, a professional golfer, and the substance on the putting green was removed, resulting in only a short delay. The four men are all facing charges of conspiracy to cause criminal damage and public nuisance.

It could have gone much worse. The protestors had the ability to destroy the green and ruin one of the most important golf tournaments in the world.

I hope the more people see JSO’s ridiculous antics, the more they will react against the “climate change is an existential danger” madness. It is making us all poorer and is unbelievably irritating.

Chris Talgo ([email protected]) is the editorial director at The Heartland Institute.