Chris Cuomo Defends His Role In Brother’s Scandals, Blames Cancel Culture Even More

CNN’s Chris Cuomo recently broke his silence regarding the resignation of his brother New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is stepping down over a series of sexual harassment cases and an underreporting of nursing home deaths during the spike of COVID-19. He’s misled the public on a number of issues and allowed to be on his brother’s shows. It’s also important to remember that Chris worked with the governor’s strategy team during a string of scandals and remained as a key host on CNN. Chris Cuomo, of course, used his platform to lie again about his role in his brother’s scandals.

In a report by Letitia James, Chris Cuomo was actively helping his brother fight off sexual misconduct allegations and even drafted up some of the statements he used in the office. But according to Chris’s televised address, he was not an adviser and never in control of anything. He emphasized how he was there to listen and offer his take to his brother. He described it as “simple” and “consistent.”

Chris was also one of the reported beneficiaries for some of the VIP benefits from his governor brother. Family members and friends got special treatment and testing during the early days of the pandemic and before anyone else. Chris was given a COVID-19 test at his Long Island home last March before it was rushed to a state laboratory for processing instead of a normal testing facility.

Chris went on to claim that he wanted his brother to own what he did. He repeated some ‘heartfelt’ advice that he gave his brother, telling him to tell people you’ll do better and be contrite in what you did. He said what matters is how your actions are words are “perceived.” This is another jab at the cancel culture, in which he is trying to blame his brother’s words instead of his actions.

Cuomo said his position never changed and that he never misled anyone about the information he was delivering on the program. Chris has faced scrutiny for not only downplaying the relationship with his governor brother but also for the sexual harassment claims that have surfaced. Cuomo insisted that he never reported on the scandals and tried to be there “as a brother” and not an advisor.

This counters Chris’s actions last year on the show, where he had his brother on several times during the height of the pandemic. At the same time, the nursing home scandal was being hidden. They talked about family members and would poke fun at each other. Chris even tried to joke about the size of his brother’s nose and hold up a cotton swab. But the banter was cringe-worthy and politically driven. Chris argued that the appearances were “short-lived” and before any kind of scandal, which is untrue by the AG’s report.

Chris went on to say that he warned his brother a day would come when he would have to be held accountable.

“I did urge my brother to resign when the time came. There are stories and critics saying all kinds of things about me, many unsupported. And as you know, back in May, when I was told to no longer communicate with my brother’s aides in any group meetings, I acknowledged it was a mistake, I apologized to my colleagues, and I stopped, and I meant it,” Cuomo went on.

If you refer back to the AG’s report, Chris continued advising his brother behind the scenes. While he said he understands it was a problem for CNN, Chris claimed it wouldn’t happen again. He said it was a mistake for putting his colleagues in a “bad spot” and that he never intended for it to happen.

Chris emphasized how the rules remain in place that prevents him from reporting on his brother but made no mention of resigning. As he should. He said that will be his final word on the topic and that he “appreciates the opportunity” to do so. Of course, Chris is just going to lay low for a few days and hope that the world brushes off the fact he hid sexual harassment allegations from 11 women. Not to mention his corrupt and politically bias reporting.

Cuomo continues to mislead the public, with Andrew Cuomo not even handing the state of New York a resignation letter. He isn’t even acting like he’s supposed to be leaving. And then Chris will continue to mislead show viewers, one headline at a time. Democrats never apologize and they never learn. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Cuomo family.