CBP Announces Punishment for Agents at Center of Fake Whipping Controversy

In September, we reported extensively on the “Whipgate”, a non-controversy stirred up in September by The Usual Suspects and the MSM. Both claimed that Customs and Border Protection officers mounted on horses could be seen “whipping” Haitian migrants crossing the southern border.

After the story broke, it quickly collapsed. This was due in large part to the photographer who took “controversial” photos. He stated in an interview that the images had been “misconstrued.”

Several media outlets, including Axios and NY Times, issued updates to their original stories after that.

Although the media started to backtrack on the most controversial part of the “whipping,” the Biden administration did not relent and continued to hold firm to its position that the agents had acted in an inappropriate manner. Biden famously corrupted an investigation by promising that the agents who “strapped” migrants would be paid, while Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security secretary, promised lawmakers that the investigation would be completed “in days and not weeks.”

It wasn’t. Two months later, the DHS inspector general refused to take up the investigation and left it in the hands of CBP’s Office of Personal Responsibility.

We are now 10 months later and border patrol agents are furious at how their superiors, all the way to the Biden White House, have handled the situation. Fox News reports that CBP has just issued the recommended punishment for two of the agents involved in the alleged incident.

The agents were cleared of any criminal wrongdoing in March. However, at the time of the OPR administrative investigation, there was still the possibility that the agents could be fired depending upon what was discovered about possible violations of departmental policies.

As I stated before, there was never a “there” to this story. Most accounts, including those of the photographer, show that the CBP agents didn’t act out of bounds or “whip” any migrants. The White House, which included Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Jen Psaki, and other officials, responded in the same way. This investigation was dragged out regardless of who was conducting it. It is likely that they tried to give credence to the administration’s “concerns” about what (didn’t) have occurred.

These disciplinary measures are purely for Joe Biden to save his bacon on the manufactured issue.

Enough already.