Biden Will Sign Meaningless Executive Orders on Abortion After Massive Pressure by Democrats

Joe Biden must satisfy his pro-abortion fanatics. He wants to increase access to abortion and allow more women to kill their unborn children. However, the Constitution of America is holding him back.

This might be something you could explain to the protestors demanding that Biden end his support for abortion.

The Democratic Party’s radical left has lost it all. They offer a variety of bizarre alternatives to abortion, such as building abortion clinics on federal land or allowing filibuster power to forcefully vote for legalizing abortion in all countries.

An abortion clinic on a military base could expose doctors, women, and anyone else involved in abortion to criminal charges in states that ban it. A filibuster carveout is a bill that legalizes abortion across all 50 states.

Biden has some tricks though. These tricks would be challenged in court.

Fox News:

According to the AP report, Biden will direct the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services to not allow a woman from another state to have a legal abortion.

Biden’s executive orders direct agencies to train providers of medical care and insurance companies on how to share patient information with authorities. This is an additional effort to protect women seeking an abortion. Biden will request that the Federal Trade Commission ensure privacy rights for online users who seek information about reproductive care.

It is also against the Constitution to prevent women from traveling. States could use existing laws instead. These bans would be challenged by federal courts.

When it comes to making abortion illegal, the Constitution has control. Any FDA-approved drug may legally be sent by the U.S. post office.

Biden continues to attempt to exploit women’s anger about abortion to win the election.

Biden also said Wednesday that filibuster should not stand in the way of Roe codification. We must elect more Democratic senators in order to pass this bill, and re-elect the majority of our House members in November.

He tweeted Tuesday that Personal Freedoms were on the Ballot, but that his administration would do everything possible to ensure women have access to the medications they need and have the freedom to travel to receive the care they need.

25% of voters believe that abortion is very important. Half the voters are pro-life. Democrats have a problem here. Only half of these voters are pro-life.