Candidate Website Copied From Graham’s Campaign Site Word-For-Word

Greg Raths is a California House GOP candidate who is running against Rep. Young Kim in primary. The campaign website appears to almost copy several passages from South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. “Lower taxes. There is less regulation. A smaller, more efficient, and smarter government. These are the values and priorities Greg Raths is going to fight for in Washington as your Congressman,” Raths’ website stated Friday morning.

“Lower taxes. There is less regulation. A smaller, smarter and more efficient government. These are the values and priorities Lindsey Graham fought for in Washington as a Senator,” Graham’s website stated in 2020.

“I have several staffers that give me inputs on my webpage content. Some of that data might have been taken from the website of another conservative candidate.” Raths stated that although I agree with Senator Graham on many issues, it wasn’t my intention to use his language on my website. “This gives me the impression that my opponents are looking deep into my campaign to slow down my strong surge in this primary campaign for CA40th Congressional District.”

Raths ran in the 2020 election for Congress in California’s 45th District. He lost to progressive Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif). Late last year, he filed paperwork to challenge the freshman Kim (R-Calif.) in the state’s 40th Congressional District.

Raths’ campaign website appears to contain several passages that were almost identical on Graham, R.S.C.’s website when he ran for reelection.

Graham’s 2020 website can be archived using the internet archive Wayback Machine. You can also save excerpts from Graham’s 2020 website on the non-profit Ballotpedia website.

“Lindsey Graham knows that the only way to create jobs is to allow Americans to keep more of their earnings and get rid of the government,” Graham’s site stated in 2020.

“So, what is the best way to lower health care costs, provide more coverage, and make insurance more affordable?” Raths’ website currently states. “Redirect money, power and control over health care decisions from Washington to patients, local communities and the states.

Graham’s website for 2020: “So, what’s the best method to lower health care costs, provide more coverage, and make insurance more affordable?” Washington should be redirected from health care decisions and money to local communities and states.

Numerous other instances exist where the Graham and Raths websites almost match verbatim, particularly when it comes to describing the positions of candidates on health care.

“This is a testament of Young Kim’s strength and in this race,” Olivia Perez-Cubas, spokesperson for Winning for Women Action Fund, told Fox News Digital. Her opponent believes that the only way to defeat her is to copy the words of sitting U.S. senators. Senator. Young Kim will do just fine with the $4 million she has raised.

Winning for Women supported Kim before her 2020 win, and re-endorsed her for this cycle.

“Senator Graham won the most expensive Senate race in U.S. History, so who wouldn’t want to do many similar things as our campaign?” Graham campaign consultant Scott Farmer said. “Imitation is the best form of flattery, after all.”

Raths will be a significant underdog for the 40th Congressional District primary. Kim is supported by House GOP leadership. She was part of the 2020 House GOP freshman class, which significantly exceeded expectations by winning seats for the GOP after Republicans lost the Senate.