California Police Discover Underground Bunker Full of Stolen Goods in Homeless Encampment

San Jose Police discovered an underground bunker in a homeless camp that contained thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods after a commercial burglary.

“The investigation led them to a homeless encampment,” San Jose Police Department tweeted Tuesday. They also said that they found an “underground bunker” with approximately $100,000 worth of stolen goods.

The post includes photos of a bunker that was built into a side creek. Items recovered include dozens of power tools, construction gear, and three shotguns with boxes of ammunition.

According to the police, the bunker was complex and had electricity. They believe it was connected to another source.

Six people were taken into custody on “a variety” of charges. The items will be returned to the victims and the local businesses.

Local residents are concerned about the discovery, expressing concern that there could be more bunkers spread across the city and that their homes or businesses could be targeted by the thefts.

Ashley King, a resident who owns a construction business, said that she imagines there are many more places like this in town.

King, a teacher at nearby schools, expressed concern over weapons discovered in the wake of mass shootings.

She said, “To see weapons such as that, rifles and stuff that could cause damage, serious damage,” “Weapons that could harm anyone, especially children, far away with precision… That’s just so disturbing.”

The San Jose Police did not immediately respond to our request for comment.