Breakthrough: First Person Controls Video Games Using Brain Chip Implant

The first person to have had a Neuralink chip surgically implanted into his brain demonstrated that he can now use his thoughts to move the computer cursor on a screen, play online chess, and toggle music streams on and off.

Science fiction is not what it used to be. No longer.

Noland Arbaugh (29), a man paralyzed below the shoulders eight years ago due to a diving incident, took part in a live streaming on X, formerly Twitter, with a Neuralink Engineer to show the public how brain-computer technology functions.

Arbaugh called the technology “pretty awesome.”

All of this is being done by my brain. You can only see me if you can see the cursor move around on the screen. It’s cool, isn’t it?

It is?

I have never been an apocalyptic conspiracist, and I am not going to become one. But here’s what I want you to know.

What happens after video games? What could bionic technology lead to? Can future human cyborgs have their brains controlled by chips? Can future populations be programmed or forced to do anything? What are the ethical or moral boundaries that can be crossed?

We have yet to find answers to these questions, which are now valid.

Two of the lessons we have learned from history are applicable here. The first is the law of unintended effects. In the past, how many well-intentioned programs or initiatives have ended up being a disaster? History has shown that when governments are in control more than those they govern, things often don’t turn out well.

As the bumper sticker states, “Stuff Happens.”

The Neuralink chip is equipped with 1,000 electrodes that are programmed to collect data on the neural activity of the brain and the body’s movement intentions. This data is sent to the Neuralink computer to be decoded to turn thoughts into actions.

Arbaugh explains how it works for Arbaugh.

It was almost like I could use the Force to make the cursor move anywhere I wanted. It was amazing the first time I did it. Just staring at a certain place on the screen made it move to where I wanted.

No doubt. Back to the non-conspiracy thoughts…

What if a computer could be programmed to ignore neural activity data and turn different “thoughts into actions”? Crazy? Oh hell no!

Arbaugh is the first person to be implanted with a chip by Neurolink. This company, owned by Elon Musk, was the first. A robot surgeon implanted the chip in Arbaugh’s brain. Not so long ago, this was the stuff of science-fiction movies.

He described the surgery as “super simple” and was discharged from the hospital the next day. Since then, he has not had any cognitive impairments.

You’re right, it is crazy. It’s awesome. I feel so lucky to be part of it. It seems that we learn something new every day. I can’t express how awesome it is to have the opportunity to do this.

Arbaugh did not elaborate but acknowledged that the implant had led to some difficulties.

It’s not perfect. We have had some problems. I don’t think this is the final destination. It’s not over yet. It has changed my life.

Arbaugh deserves kudos not only for accepting to be the first person implanted with the chip but also for his good wishes for a brighter future.


I’m still a little hesitant about the whole bionic and cyborg concept. Is it legitimate?

If history has taught you anything, it’s that.