BLM Surrounds King Co. Jail & Terrorizes Reporters

While the mainstream media has moved on from reporting most of the craziness in Seattle, the local press has been covering what Black Lives Matter radical leftists have been up to. 

It’s not just the police or citizens dealing with the craziness now, they’ve moved on to attacking the press as well. Their latest videos have shown just how wild these members really are. The protests are anything but ‘peaceful’ now. 

In recent events, a member of the Black Lives Matter movement was arrested and put in the King County Jail. The radicals were so disturbed that they tried getting into the building. Some protesters with drums, sticks, and pepper spray tried to enter, while deputies secured the inner doors and lobby area. Seattle Police then called for backup, while rioters remained on the scene. 

There were around 40 rioters loitering around the premises. This was the same group that shut down traffic on Highway 99 tunnel leading into Downtown Seattle. They were refusing to let the press take their pictures, even going so far as to putting their hands on the cameras or chasing reporters away. The videos posted on Twitter showed these events take place.

The group claimed that they have the right to ‘protest’ there, so why wouldn’t the press be allowed the same? One has to wonder why they don’t want the media there, but it’s a liberal’s favorite hobby to cherry-pick the U.S Constitution. 

The incidents got out of control with KIRO reporter Jon Jussero. He was threatened and surrounded in his car by rioters when they wouldn’t let him out to film. You can hear the threats in the videos he recorded of rioters saying they will “come to his house” and “don’t make me break this window.” 

The rioters did not let the reporter do his job today outside of KC Jail in Seattle. He tried to leave and they put items on the windows and continued to terrorize him. This is not a group against injustice. These are criminals and thugs, anarchists under the disguise of activists, that have an extreme and criminal element at play. 

The King Co. Jail and courtroom eventually opened their doors back up to the public after being temporarily closed for a few hours due to the rioters. The rioters left trash outside of the building and vandalized the windows with threats as best they could. I thought the mind-controlled soldiers of the left were so environmentally conscious, but here we are scraping up the remains of food and garbage off our streets. It’s a shame how complicit they are in ruining everything they touch. 

Mind you, the national Democrats have endorsed these folks. They are the “peaceful protesters” of our nation, as Barack Obama said in his most recent speech at the Democratic National Convention. There will be a turning point when this sort of political support will backfire on the left.