Blaming Whiteness for Tyre Nichols’ Death Only Caters to Media Interests

The death of Tyre Nickls by police officers during a routine traffic stop is causing grief and anger. This incident escalated beyond what was necessary or even logical, as evidenced by the police body camera footage. Do we need to know the truth about this horrible act? Yes, there is. There are indications that the authorities are taking the necessary steps. They were fired immediately and have been charged with murder. The special task force that was set up in Memphis, SCORPION, has been dismantled.

What is not needed is the media speculation and the pouring of fuel onto the fires of the outrage felt in the community. Once the story emerged that Nichols perished in the hospital following his beating, the media machine was fired up. Comparisons to past police conflicts were dredged up, hints at social upheaval were made, and journalists were dispatched to Memphis to cover the expected unfolding drama. But then facts emerged that ground their momentum on a reef of reality.

All five of the officers involved in this confrontation were black.

The pre-established narrative was now shattered and reporters found themselves suddenly out of balance as they tried to determine the motives for the police’s actions. This categorization is necessary to determine the root cause. It does not allow for the possibility that five police officers could be energized by something so based on a mob rule scenario. It is easier to blame racism than it is to launch all the divisive scripts that pundits love.

This led to the next stage in west Tennessee coverage; systemic racism was behind the actions of these black officers. Van Jones, CNN’s anchor, started this farce of punditry on Friday. This is his attempt to preserve the media’s approach to this tragic event. In determining whether police violence is caused by racial bias, it is important to consider the race and ethnicity of the victim. This allowed others to repeat this kind of idiocy as the door was open.

Jemele Hill joined the Jones chorus of blaming blacks, even though she is incapable of using pragmatism in her constant racial coverage.

We can also add to this the irresponsible Representative Cori Bush who made a statement in support.

Let’s be very clear. Diversifying police forces won’t solve the problem of our criminal justice system’s violent, racist structure. It does not make policing less racist. We will continue to push for the end of police brutality and the dismantling of America’s racist and violent policing system.

Clearness is not something that Ms. Bush has been able to master over the years. As she joins the chorus of mynah birds bleating about a white-based system that has led to the death of Tyre Nichols’, I wonder if these deep thinkers will ever be able to show exactly where these white standards are.

Don Lemon visited Memphis last Thursday to discuss an issue that involved several Memphis residents. He met with the Nichols family and spoke to members of the city council. Lemon tried to stick to the narrative when he brought up race. But she dismissed this idea calmly and thoroughly.

Don Lemon attempts to reach that preferred realm of the media, despite the stark reality of his environment. This is the CNN newsman trying to make it a racial matter when during the week all the people he spoke to about the subject were black. This demonstrates the complete fallacy of the media trying to make this man’s passing something that can be attributed to “whiteness”.

This reliance on the systemic basis to explain away inconvenient instances is what leads to racism being injected. This is because all of the players are uniformly colored, even those wearing uniforms. The need to claim that they were influenced or influenced by a system with white skin cannot be proven.

How does the “white” system work, with black people in most of the positions, and where is it located? A female police chief is black. POC officers make up the majority of the police force. Because you draw from a predominantly African community, the city’s legislature is dominated by black members. Memphis ranks among the top five cities with a large black population. Two-thirds of its residents hail from this city. Cori Bush is complaining about the racism and white supremacy in the system. How can she explain that she is referring to a city managed by her party with Democrat mayors for the past 30 years?

It is well known that there is an issue behind the event and it must be addressed. It appears that it is being addressed by professionals and with sober minds, despite all appearances. The media, however, insisting on making it out to be motivated by racism, absent any evidence, is only a hindrance to solving the problem. It is a disservice to the community that needs real repair to inject a racial component.