Big Apple Mayor Eric Adams Begs Rich New Yorkers for Cash as City Crumbles

NYC Mayor Eric Adams, as we reported previously, announced the first of what is essentially three emergency budgets. Each of these will cut spending in key areas, such as the New York Fire Department and Education Department. The mayor also said that further cuts may be needed.

Adams, a Democrat, went hat-in-hand to the wealthiest citizens of the city on Friday to plead with them to stop the bleeding, which is the sole responsibility of his Democrat-run city government.

Eric Adams, like all major city Democrat mayors of big cities, doesn’t understand it. Bill Melugin, Fox News’ National Correspondent, explains the “it”:

NYT reports that NYC Mayor Eric Adams announced that the city would have to cut budgets to reduce NYPD officers below 30,000 and slash the Education Department by one billion dollars, amongst others. He says that more cuts are necessary unless federal funds are provided to assist with the migrant influx.

He has zero clue.

Adams, the mayor of the city, was begging for money from people who continued to be fleeced by his Democrat-run government. The mayor was dressed in a Robin Hood outfit when he spoke to a Harvard Club audience that included Tony Danza, John Catsimatidis, and Mitchell Modell, former CEO of a sporting goods company.

It’s a time when everyone is needed. It’s a fact that New York is the center of attention, but it’s also true that I will need your support more than ever for many organizations, such as PAL, Robin Hood Foundation, and others. Our philanthropic goals must be aligned with the services and gaps that we see today.

Stop the tape Nonsense.

The majority of Americans don’t visit New York City, Los Angeles, or any other Democrat-run hellhole. While the worthy causes Adams mentioned are important, cities with a budget, like families who have a budget, choose to spend more. My Democrat friends, this isn’t rocket science.

Adams asked his audience to continue the attack on their federal representatives and the Biden administration.

I need you to tell Washington, D.C. that this is your city. New York City is a major economic force in the country. We cannot watch New York City continue to carry a crisis that affects all of us.

Note to the Mayor:

New York City may be a part of the nation’s economic engine, but what do you think? It doesn’t follow that the rest of America shares the blame for your irresponsible Democrat policies.

Adams went back to his begging after he dialed back the schmoozing and talked about how his administration had improved the lives of NYC children:

Now, we’ll need you even more. Yesterday, we announced some painful service cuts. The city’s entire service delivery system will be affected.

Mayor, what about tackling violent crime, and repeat offenders, and removing the revolving door in NYC jail cells, for instance? Do you think you could save tons of money there? Me, too. More tips are on the way.

Anyway, here’s more:

The solicitation was made during Adams’ first comments in public since he announced the first of three rounds of 5% budget cuts for New York City to cover the billions it is liable for taking care of the thousands of asylum seekers that have descended on the city.

The NYPD is implementing a plan to tighten the belt. They will cancel five more academy classes. This will bring the uniformed officer level down to its lowest point in 30 years by June 2025.

Sources from the fire service have described this as a callous and shocking act.

According to the plan, the Sanitation Department will cut nearly $100 million in spending over the next two years. This plan will primarily affect the outer boroughs.

The irony is that NYC will spend over $12 billion to care for illegal aliens. More than 140,000 have entered the city in the past few years, while the Biden border crisis continues unabated. But, why not? New City being a sanctuary, is that right Mr. Mayor?


In general, we do get what we paid for, Mayor Adams. What you and the former Democrat Mayors of your city have paid for is what you are now facing.

San Francisco, Los Angeles Portland, and Seattle could not be reached for comment.