Biden’s Recent Cringe-Worthy Gaffes

It seems like Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is doing everything he can to stay out of the media spotlight. The few times he’s popped his head out of the basement for an interview have been full of gaffes and promises that contradict other things he’s said. When asked the other day about his “light public schedule,” Biden’s defensive answer was enough to show the American people that he doesn’t plan on leaving his house anytime soon. 

At a recent stop in Pennsylvania, Biden was asked about his “relatively light public schedule” and whether or not he would be traveling to any other states in the next few days. This is after months of virtual events and online activities from the comforts of his home, while his opponent, President Trump, has been traveling to different states every day and holding massive campaign rallies. The campaign teams have taken opposite approaches in how to handle this election season and get the American people to vote. 

“I just told you where I was going to be traveling and, by the way, I’ve traveled the last few days too. I’m going to be going to Iowa, I’m going to Wisconsin, I’m going to Georgia, I’m going to Florida, and maybe other places as well. There’s a lot we’ve been doing as well in terms of being online,” Biden interrupted and snapped back at the reporter. 

Biden went on to talk about the “behind the scenes” work his campaign team has been doing. “There has not been a day that hasn’t been a 12-hour day yet,” he said. He got extremely snippy and challenged after being questioned what his campaign team has been doing. While Biden and his team have gone into hiding to avoid questions about the Hunter Biden email scandal, Donald Trump has been on the rally stage talking to voters and sharing his plans for the country. 

The second time Biden was asked about his campaigning resulted in one of his biggest gaffes yet. He was talking about his wife Jill and running mate Kamala Harris. When he got to introducing Doug Emhoff, Kamala’s husband, he got confused and spoke of “Doug Emhoff, Kamala’s wife.” It’s going to be hard for the left to try and spin this claim. 

At a campaign concert last Sunday, Biden also forgot President Trump’s name and referred to him twice as “George” when talking about serving four more years in office. The media then tried to “clarify” the story (spin it) into saying Biden was talking to George Lopez at the time. That’s almost as bad as the multiple times he said he was running for the U.S Senate. 

Between the mental decline and political scandals, it’s a shock that this is the best the Democrats could come up with. No wonder there has been such a red wave in the nation. People are seeing the radical left for the train wreck it is. In a few days, we’ll have “George” for four more years and Biden can cozy up in his basement again…hopefully retired.