Biden Ordered Trump’s Indictment? New Evidence Emerges

According to the narrative being promoted by the White House, Special Counsel Jack Smith has been indicting former President Donald Trump repeatedly “independently”, without any pressure or coordination from the White House. Joe Biden, in an effort to maintain the illusion that he is independent, has refused to answer questions when asked about it.

Biden’s comments in the past on this matter make it clear that Special Counsel Smith does exactly what Biden orders.

The New York Times:

Attorney General’s deliberate approach frustrates Democratic allies in the White House and at times even President Biden. Two people who were familiar with Mr. Biden’s comments say that as recently as last year, he confided in his inner circle his belief that former President Donald J. Trump posed a threat to democracy and should face prosecution. While the president never expressed his frustration directly to Mr. Garland he did privately say that he wanted him to behave less like a ponderous court judge and more as a prosecutor willing to take decisive actions over the Jan. 6 events.

Donald Trump was indicted earlier this month on charges relating to his actions after the 2020 election leading up to Jan. 6, 2021. The charges include conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of an attempt to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights. Experts have panned the indictment for being incredibly weak.

The indictment may have taken an entire year to come down, but it finally happened a week back. The New York Times article makes it clear that Biden encouraged his attorney general, who was then appointed by him, to use government power to prevent Trump from re-entering office.

Biden didn’t make this statement the first time he made it. His administration has been pursuing Trump in order to stop him from being elected president again. Biden said to a reporter that he would “use constitutional” means to ensure” Trump didn’t return to White House.

A reporter asked him this question in November 2022: “How can you assure [world leaders] that the former president will not return, or that his political party, which is still strong, won’t once again come to power in the United States?”

Biden responded, “Well we just need to show that he won’t take power if — if — if — if — he runs.” “I will make sure that he does not, in accordance with our Constitution, become the next president again.”

Biden was clearly saying he had every intention of using the federal government to get Trump, and he has. Yet the White House now claims the investigations of Trump are independent. From Biden’s own mouth, they are not.