Biden Lashes Out At Reporter Asking About Dismal Approval Among Dems

After being asked by a reporter Tuesday about his reaction to a poll that showed the majority of Democrats don’t want him to run for re-election, President Biden became angry and approached the reporter.

“Mr. president, what is your message to Democrats who don’t want you running again?” The reporter questioned the White House staffer at the congressional picnic.

Biden, who was walking next to the reporter, stopped and said that he wanted to run. He also asked for the reporter to “read the polls.” According to a New York Times poll, nearly two-thirds (or more) of Democrats said they don’t want Biden running again.

Biden said, “Read the polls Jack, you guys all are the same,” and he began to walk up to the reporter with the camera. “That poll showed 92% of Democrats would vote for me if I ran.”

Biden and the reporter repeated their claims to one another, with Biden denying that the majority of Democrats don’t want Biden to run in 2024.

This interaction is coming as the media highlighted many polls that show Biden in trouble with American voters, even those of his own party. Biden and the reporter referred to numbers from a New York Times/Sienna College survey that was conducted between July 5th and 7.

In this instance, the reporter was correct to conclude that the majority of Democrats, or approximately two-thirds of them, do not want Biden seeking the presidency again within two years. A shocking 64% of Democratic voters agreed that someone else should assume the presidency in 2024, according to the poll.

Biden’s 92% statistic isn’t due to a question asking if he should run for president in 2024. The statistic refers to the fact that 92% would still vote for Biden in any hypothetical rematch with former President Donald Trump.

This poll also revealed some other interesting insights about the nation’s mood towards Biden and his administration.

This poll shows frustration in younger voters. 94% of Democrats below the age of 30 voted for a different candidate. Only 13% of Americans think the country is on the right path, according to the poll.